The Huffpo censor

Although we've never had a two-way conversation, i can't help feeling that the Huffpo censor and I have formed something of a relationship.

I create a steady stream of 'rational' comments to their blogs and , if its even remotely controversial, let alone a 9/11 conspiracy theory, they make my comments go away.

Anyway. For no reason other than frustration, here's my latest little note to the Huffpo censor.

"Note to the censor.

Hello. Its me again.

Well, you've just 'disappeared' another of my comments and, as usual, I want to let you know that it hasn't gone unnoticed.

From a purely marketing perspective I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that your branding as a 'left wing', alternative news outlet is weakening daily.

I'm not the only one whose comments you smother. There is an ever increasing buzz out here in reality-land about huffpo and its wholesale sellout to the MSM paradigm.

Historically, when the good guys win, the bad guys in uniform suffer. The people who dress like good guys but shill for the bad guys suffer more.

Be a 9/11 Truth Part of HuffPost's Online-Only Presidential Candidate Mashup

Be a Part of HuffPost's Online-Only Presidential Candidate Mashup

What's a candidate mashup? It's a new kind of campaign forum that will put you in charge of shaping exactly what kind of viewing experience you want to have -- from the questions that are asked to the way you can pick and choose the issues you want to hear about and the candidates you want to hear from.

Here's how it will work: Charlie Rose, armed with questions you have sent in, will have a conversation with each of the candidates (more on these questions in a minute). The intimacy that Charlie always brings to his conversations is the perfect compliment to the intimacy, directness, and authenticity that were the hallmark of so many of the public's YouTube questions.

After the candidates have finished talking, the video will be coded and put at your disposal -- empowering you to create the candidate mashups of your choosing.

My note to the huffpost censor

I'm still trying to get huffpost to consider creating a 911 section header on their news list. No luck, or response yet.

I'm not the only one to think huffpost is censoring out 911 news & comment. As I was posting this I saw a comment from 'nofoolhere' making the same point. I'm surprised they let it thru under the circumstances.

I encourage you all to apply pressure too. A portal on huffpost would be a powerful tool. Here's my post - I'm not holding my breath to see it on the site.

"This is a similar post to that of 'nofoolhere'. I've made 2 attempts to post a comment requesting a news section devoted to the 911 debacle. I realise that this, my third attempt, will probably also be culled so I'm talking to you, the censor, rather than your members.

I have had great admiration for your website up till now but censorship is an evil practise, much used by the corrupt politicians you feature so often.

Why Was Wolfowitz So Clueless On The Morning of 9/11?


Why Was Wolfowitz So Clueless On The Morning of 9/11? 

Despite the exhaustive work of the 9/11 Commission and its detailed final report, the number of oddities surrounding the events of 9/11, and particularly the government's botched attempt at defend a country under attack, remain numerous. One peculiarity I've always wondered about is why Paul Wolfowitz, then the Deputy Secretary of Defense and the number two person at the Pentagon, was so completely clueless the morning of the deadly attacks. As the events unfolded live on television and senior administration officials scrambled to make sense of the horrific events, Wolfowitz appeared to be in a haze. Or perhaps a cocoon. Now, as 9/11 remembrance week draws to a close, I thought it might worth examining the odd inaction by such a senior member of the administration. The same senior official who later played a central role in planning the disastrous war in Iraq. (And no, by raising questions about Wolfowitz I'm not signing off on any larger, 9/11 conspiracy theory.)

Here's how Wolfowitz, taken from a May 9, 2003 interview transcript, described his morning on that unforgettable day: