Human Spirit

The Power of the Human Spirit

There are those among us who believe the human spirit is damaged goods. They seek to "replace" it with something they consider superior: science and technology. You see, there is something untamable about humanity, and the "elite" do not like that. Staying easily in power requires ruling over a domesticated population, which is inherently contrary to our nature.

Intellectuals who paint humans as the problem are blind in their own wisdom. By cheerleading the destruction of their own kind, they ask to be robbed of the very things worth living for: the little things--perhaps that many of us neglect to appreciate as we should.

Wickedness and destruction are not the calling of man. Our spirit has the power to overcome all enemies, both domestic and foreign. We possess many flaws, but they will never outweigh the gifts we possess as the stewards of our kind and our world. Because of that, in the endgame, humanity overcomes.

We are Powerless . . Or Are We?

This is an EXCELLENT POST from georgewashington. Certainly worth reading. TWICE.

We are Powerless . . Or Are We?

The problem isn’t that we’re powerless.

The problem is that we have allowed those with agendas in government and the media and organized religion to CONVINCE us that we’re powerless. They've confused us, belittled us, distracted us and made us feel like we barely have the power to get out of bed in the morning, let alone challenge those with the biggest arms, megaphones, or pulpits.

The truth is that EVERY one of us has tremendous untapped strength, intelligence and resources hard-wired into us.

The truth -- shown by millions of examples throughout history -- is that people can thrive in the worst imaginable circumstances. Individuals can dig deep and get creative and think of ways to turn things around even when all seems lost. People can succeed against overwhelming odds if they are committed.