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Glenn Beck, you are truly an inspiration!

Yesterday I sent this email to Glenn Beck, his producer and staff.

SUBJECT: Glenn Beck, you are truly an inspiration!

Dear Glenn Beck,

I am writing to sincerely thank you for the free publicity plug for our
organization and for your words of inspiration! Today (Sunday June 14th from 12
Noon to 5pm), five of us decided to attend one of your 9/12 Project Tea Parties
in New Richmond Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati). We had previously not
considered this particular crowd to be our likely target audience but today's
response was generally incredibly, overwhelmingly positive! There was quite a
crowd there. Complete with live music, guest speakers, clever political signs
about the fascistic direction of our country. A very anti Obama crowd.

We set up a table with several different flyers, signs and free dvds to disperse
to a very hungry audience. Since we were located right at the entrance to this
event we were able to offer all of our information to everyone who passed by. We
employed a very tactical approach by offering all passersbys a free dvd of The