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Hungry For Truth - Day 4

Blair continues his hunger strike for truth in front of McCain's office despite being ignored by the MSM. However, the alternative media has shown a significant interest in his efforts. James Beardsly who represents came by to meet Blair. Starting tonight, May 29th, Blair will be interviewed by Mike Rivero every night at 6pm AZ time. You can listen nightly by going to Also, Kim Matthews with Code Pink stopped by and spent an hour or two with Blair and conducted an interview. These types of visits are empowering as it gives him a boost of energy and hope that people are supporting his efforts. He is quickly making friends with people who drive by on a daily basis and it's not uncommon for some to stop and talk. Blair knows that these daily postings are going up at 911Blogger and he wants to thank everyone for their kind words. But unfortunately words are not enough. Please do all you can to contact the media about this effort. Blair is strong willed but he can't do it without you. Help him expose the truth. Are you hungry for 9/11 truth?
-Tim King

Hungry For Truth - Day 3

Senator Karen Johnson (R-18) of Mesa met with 9/11 Truth activist Blair Gadsby today in front of the office of U.S. Senator John McCain. Gadsby is in Day 3 of a hunger strike outside McCain's office to persuade McCain to meet with him and 9/11 scholars to discuss the discrepancies in the official 9/11 Commission Report. Architect Richard Gage, physicist Dr. Steven Jones, Senator Johnson, and hundreds of engineering experts contend that the World Trade Center collapsed due to explosive demolition, not due to the damage from the impact of the airplanes and the resulting fires, and they are requesting a new and more thorough investigation. Gadsby began his fast at midnight Sunday and plans to continue for as long as he can physically get himself to McCain's office, where he spends the daylight hours — usually from about 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Asked how he feels today, Gadsby replied, "I feel fabulous!"


Hungry For Truth - Day 2

Day 2 Day two of the First Ever Hunger Strike for 9/11 Truth was met by an enormous amount of activism. The day began at 5am as Blair continued his visit to the office of John McCain. Meanwhile at 2pm in Mesa, President Bush arrived to speak to the Silverado Cable Co. The location of his speech was changed at the last minute due to lack of interest in the $25,000 a plate fundraiser for Presidential hopeful John McCain. Bush was greeted by 400 anti-war protesters and activists for 9/11 Truth. The police state was in full effect as the police videotaped activists exercising their first amendment rights. At 4pm a larger anti-Bush/McCain protest formed in downtown Phoenix at City Hall, followed by a march through the streets of Phoenix. Fortunately Blair was able to speak with a local television station to make his case for 9/11 issues. It was obvious the media would not come to Blair, so we took Blair to the media. At 7pm we went back to McCain's office and were joined by three members of Code Pink who gave Blair their support and well wishes. One member of Code Pink stated, "if you can't support 9/11 Truth, what can you support?" Blair wants to thank everyone who has sent their support and kind thoughts to him. Please lend your support by contacting our local media here in Phoenix. More photos of this event can be viewed at or Stay tuned for Day 3 !!!

-Tim King

Blair talking to the media

Hungry For Truth - Day 1

Day 1:

Todays action was a big success! 50 people joined Blair on the street in front of John McCain's Phoenix office. Lots of new faces and some old friends came to support the first ever hunger strike for truth. To the complete surprise of all involved the main stream media did not show up... Stay tuned for tomorrows action, President Bush will be in town for a fund raiser with McCain. Please keep Blair in your thought as he is committed to fasting for 911Truth!


Hungry For Truth

Hungry For Truth