An EMP False Flag? (video)

An EMP False Flag? (video)


As the political puppets are fond of reminding us, we are in an age of global terror. As they are fond of leaving out, however, that terror is usually generated by them. Today on The Corbett Report we examine a possible vector for the next false flag attack: an EMP pulse.

i shared this video with some family, who normally wouldn't be receptive, but in light of everything, and thanks to the brilliant effective well documented and articulate James Corbett, this was watched from the edge of people's seat.

Speaking of false flags, it seems we should all consider the possibility that today, being inauguration, and in coming days, anything could happen, and then be used as pretext to drive agenda. As Paul Craig Roberts has pointed out in his article, Agenda prevails over truth, we live in a world of mostly manufactured reality, where events are created to drive agenda. http://911blogger.com/news/2012-12-29/agenda-prevails-over-truth-paul-craig-roberts-december-29-2012

To highlight the Vectors for false flag, which Mr Corbett has mentioned
1) Potentially catastrophic event/attack


For those who watch "REAL TIME" with Bill Maher have come to know him as a complete hypocrite when it comes to the government and 9/11. On one hand he constantly bashes the administration (and rightfully so) and lets everyone know who listens to him that he dislikes the president and the GOP. He does however choose to remain completely ignorant or in a state of denial that this government could have had anything to do with 9/11. This was made completely clear at the tail end of his show's most recent episode