911 related illness

Does anyone have any information relating to illnesses from ground zero exposure sufferred by people who work near the wtc site. I, for one was present for the collapses and was called back to work on 9/12/01. Although I never stepped directly on the pile of rubble, I was within two city blocks of it until the end of November of 01. It is now more than 5 years later and I still suffer from chronic sinus infection, gastric reflux and post traumatic stress syndrome.

9/11 First Responder Illness

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> So the asbestos acts as a perfect cover for radioactive dust because
it, too, will kill. But I thought asbestosis was a progressive
disease. I don't know if the amount of asbestos released on that day
was sufficient to cause deaths by fact acting asbestosis.

It might be a cover, but as of yet the Federal gov will not even
admit the asbestos caused any trouble.

I can't imagine the story could hold RE: all the strange
cancers....caused by asbestos? But officials refuse even to admit
mesothelioma was a result of asbestos contamination from the "pile!"
And meso. is known to be caused by nothing other.

I don't put anything past these perps. No crazy story is too strange.
No re-writing of the laws of physics and nature too outlandish.

I have spoken to David Miller extensively. He is someone who worked on
the "pile" and is very sick with many illnesses concurrently. He now
wears an oxygen tube in his nose and carries a small oxygen tank.

He attends many of the 9/11 Sunday meetings and began his interest