impeach march dc

Why isn't there an Open Ended Protest in DC? They did it in Ukraine & Lebanon

Lebanon’s Saniora willing to talk after protest

By some estimates there were 2 million protesting the US backed gov’t

Giant loudspeakers blared out nationalist songs and drummers thudded a relentless beat on the 10th day of a round-the-clock protest aimed at forcing Siniora and his Sunni-backed majority to set up a government of national unity.

The noise was clearly audible inside the nearby government headquarters where Siniora and most of his ministers are holed up.

from the first link:
“…during the tenth day of an open-ended protest to force the resignation…”

Why don't we have anyone organizing that in DC? I know some "leaders" of the anti-war movement won't allow 9/11 truth, of course many of these fools are the same agents that are diverting the anti-war movement. They are the ones pushing for the next UFPJ march in the spring, or the next WCW march in the fall... why can't WE, those of us that know about the Cointelpro agents and their tactics, organize a "stay as long as it takes march"?