Taming the beast!


Taming the beast!

April 2, 2007 -- The neo-conservatives’ six years in power have turned the country into a ferocious beast, despised more than feared by the people of the world, except for certain client governments, while domestically, the country is no longer recognizable by the staunchest of patriots as their place of birth.

In November 2006, the country spoke and voted into power their only alternative, the Democrats, and tasked them with finding a way out of Iraq and preventing wider wars.

Pelosi surrendered impeachment, the only weapon the Democrats had, before the elections, and by bowing to the wishes of AIPAC, took out any language from the appropriation bill that would force Bush to come to Congress prior to any military action against Iran; again ceding the power to wage war to an irresponsible president. Pelosi tells us that such language is not good for Israel.

The Neo-cons, with AIPAC clearly on their side and the Democrats at bay, are not too concerned.

Attention Impeachment Supporters: 9/11, 9/11, 9/11!

This is a great post from Jesse of TVNewsLies, one of my favorite writers on the web:

It would make so much more sense if the millions of people who have been screaming about impeaching George W. Bush finally examined the most impeachable offenses of his administration: the events of September 11th, 2001. Whether you choose to ignore the evidence by believing the official explanation of the events, or you have actually looked at the evidence and realize that the more realistic conclusion is that the Bush administration delivered those events to us, impeachment, imprisonment and possible execution are in order!

An Open Letter To Congress

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Rep. John Conyers and Sen. Patrick Leahy. I tried to attach this earlier but it didn't work!

The Hon. John Conyers 11/19/06(Orig. Message Sent)
House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

I was extremely upset to hear, after the Democratic election victory, that you and Rep. Pelosi have pronounced
that, "impeachment is off the table." We voters sent you a message that we expect you to put a stop to the
Bush/Cheney pattern of lies, deceit, and destruction of the U.S. Constitution. Recent polls verify that a majority
of Americans agree that Bush/Cheney should be impeached for their flagrant disregard of U.S. and International
Law. There is sufficient evidence to bring indictments against many members of the Bush Administration for
lying to Congress, manufacturing intelligence, and involving the U.S. in two unnecessary wars. There is also
a preponderance of evidence that these same persons were involved in the planning and execution of the
horrific events of 9/11/01. Any U.S. citizen involved in any way with the facilitation of 9/11 is guilty of high treason,

Impeach for 9/11

I am re-linking 9/11 Lies: Another Basis for Impeachment in light of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, though the administration tried to push such a link.

I know that there are alot of good arguments against impeachment. For example:

• The "bad guys" will just be replaced by equally bad politicians

• It will be a token measure which will provide cover and "let off steam" without actually bringing the perps to justice

• Seeking impeachment might politicize 9/11 truth, making it seem like a Democratic issue

On the other hand, "Impeach for 9/11" is a catchy phrase, which conveys in a mere 3 words that Bush and Cheney were some of the guilty parties.

More importantly, since the President and Vice President apparently cannot be tried criminally unless they are out of office, impeachment might be a good first step to get them out of office so that criminal prosecutions can be brought.

If we start impeachment proceedings based on false statements by President Bush and Vice President Cheney linking Saddam to 9/11, can we then move the proceedings to who was REALLY behind 9/11? Is this a good strategy, or a waste of time?