NIST's WTC7 collapse models: some observations

A few days ago I posted a graphic from NIST's latest WTC7 report that depicts the exterior buckling after global collapse initiation. In no way does it resemble how the structure actually looks when it imploded. I had not noticed that this was the model for the scenario without debris impact damage. You see, NIST actually has models for the scenario without debris impact damage and for the scenario with their best estimated impact damage (the damage to the south side). They conclude that the building would also have collapsed without any impact damage.

So I checked the report for their modeling of the exterior buckling with the best estimated impact damage; the model of what actually happened. It's there but there is something missing: the top 23 floors are not shown and the north side is not shown; the side that can actually be seen in the videos and photographs of the collapse.

Without damage
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BBC to broadcast "The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower" on July 6th

I'm very curious, the preview doesn't look too bad.

The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower
Sunday, 6, July, 2008
2100 BST, BBC Two

The 47-storey tower collapsed seven hours after the Twin Towers and it has become the subject of heated speculation and a host of conspiracy theories which suggest it was brought down by a controlled demolition.

Nearly seven years on, the final official report on the World Trade Centre is due to be published in July.

Official investigators are expected to conclude that fire caused the collapse of this third tower at the World Trade Centre. But that makes this the first and only skyscraper in the world to collapse solely due to fire.

The Conspiracy Files explores many unanswered questions to try to find out what really happened, and why some people think there was a sinister plot to destroy the building.

Watch a preview of the programme here:


Certainly looks like FOX was reading ahead on a script they were given that day!

(I first saw this on this morning.)

Stubbs Tower Implosion - Savannah, Georgia - 2007-12-15

WSAV - Savannah, Georgia Hilton Head, South Carolina NBC affiliate station.

Stubbs Tower on Bee Road in Savannah came down around 8 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 15, with a series of controlled explosions. 400-500 pounds of explosives were used to create a twenty five foot tall pile of debris from the former fifteen-story low-income housing highrise.

Sorry. No video to embed here. You must visit this link to see the disgustingly poor quality teevee station videos:

Long lead-in by television news talking heads and a brief discussion of the implosion methodology by a spokesman for D.H. Griffin, the company responsible for the implosion. D.H. Griffin has been in the implosion business for several decades and also managed the implosion of the old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. There are several videos of the implosion from different angles and a computer simulation created by N.C. State University' Department of Applied Science International.

Rare WTC7 footage; fires, implosion and rubble pile

Most of these (but not all) have been posted by me and others in the last months. However, the research community doesn't seem to pick up on them (please point them to this blog). I still read claims, for instance, that the fires did not cause windows to break (it did). The long straight gash in WTC7 is not discussed on any website about WTC7 (except for debunking sites). The Steve Spak footage which shows the south side of WTC7 has hardly been discussed at all.

Links are included to high quality versions of the footage for those who want to use it in a film/documentary/presentation. All footage (except Spak's) can be verified in the 9/11 TV archive:


NBC 9/11 16:49

High quality AVI: (the original mpeg went corrupt)

Top down demolition

One of the arguments that debunkers like to repeat over and over is that controlled demolitions always start from the bottom of a building. I guess this means that the video below does not show a controlled demolition.

The Building 7 video/song to be re-released today is being censored & deleted all over the web!

This WTC-7 video/song is being heavily censored/deleted off the web!

(Martin Noakes, 01-Feb-2007)

There's a million reasons why I don't believe it
There's a million reasons why it can't be true
Open fire can't melt steel
It's not hot enough
(It's nothing new it's not a mystery, check out the Reichstag Germany).

There's a million questions still remain unanswered
There's a million questions still to be resolved
Out of 19 Muslim guys
7 Still remain alive
(It's nothing new it's not a mystery, check out the USS Liberty).

9/11, 9/11, what went down with building 7?
It's a mystery to this day
The building fell with such precision
Freefall speed no reasons given
Like the towers it just fell
And fire's not enough
No way hot enough to bring 'em down

The Project for the new American century (PNAC)

911 Sleight of Hand Demoltion charges REVEALED pt#2

This video reveals yet more charges going off.

Sleight of hand. To support the theory of controlled demolitons at the WTC with out it being to obvious, the best thing to do would to seperate the demo sequences.

While everybody is watching the obvious, look at whats hidden in plain site.

Watch and share full screen at

I had to use webfive coz' youtube is poor quality.

Las Vegas' Stardust casino imploded


Published: Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Las Vegas' Stardust casino imploded

By RYAN NAKASHIMA, AP Business Writer

From Stardust to just dust. The Las Vegas Strip's first mass-market casino-hotel was imploded early Tuesday in a hail of fireworks to make way for Boyd Gaming Corp.'s $4.4 billion megaresort Echelon.

Hundreds of people partied beneath tents and on makeshift patios before Boyd chairman Bill Boyd's four grandsons pushed a plunger to detonate the former Stardust casino. The blast generated a massive dust cloud that chased the revelers into cars, buses and nearby casinos.

"It hurts. We cried," said Sheila Navarro, 51, a school supplies buyer from Oxnard, Calif., who took shelter in the nearby Frontier casino-hotel. She came with three sisters, her mother, an aunt and a brother-in-law to say farewell to the casino she's gambled at for more than 30 years.

"It's very hard for me to find another casino to go to," she said. "Maybe in two years, three years, I'll have different feelings, but right now, my heart is broken."

WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11 (updated version)

This is the updated version of the video i posted last week. It now contains the BBC's cockup footage and some slides about what FEMA and the 9/11 Commission had to say about the collapse of Building 7.

For some reason Google will not approve the video (it says 'server error' for days now) so here it is on DailyMotion:

If someone wants to try their luck with other video hosters, here you can download the high quality XVID source file. Please spread this!

Rosie O'Donnell openly believes in the explosive demolition of Tower 1, 2, 7 & links to Scholars for 9/11 truth on her website

proof above and below, not a joke! this is real.

Mary writes: do you believe the wtc was controlled demolitions???

Rosie: ask some of the worlds leading experts
see if fire has ever caused a steel building to collapse
it only happened 3 times in all of history
on one day
9 11

nancy writes: Ro-I luv ya and I agree with u 99.9% of the time. But WTC comments are dangerous. Steel buildings, yes, but 3 planes full of jet fuel poured into those buildings and fed fire. Not just a normal fire.

Rosie: research it

james writes: Ro I can see how you can hate bush but “controlled demolitions”? How many buildings ever been hit with airplanes with jet fuel? Hate fairly

Rosie: scholars for 9 11
research it

(blog submitted by the beheading hoax guy)

Steve Jones vs Jim Fetzer

I just read that Fetzer has kicked out Steven Jones for censoring Rick Siegel. What I thought was particularly interesting was that he described this move as "temporary" until a
more formal structure for the Scholars can be implemented.

The fact that I could do such a thing as founder of Scholars, however, no doubt qualifies as another reason for the need for the society to incorporate and attain more formal structure.

That's straight from the horse's mouth.

I would ask why Fetzer decided to excercise this authority when he himself admits that his authority is illegitimate, but it's really a moot point.

The Scholars Group has imploded. I think it's time to take a good hard look at what's been going on in the name of Truth, and to reappraise the situation. Do we want to create a mini-industry with a star system? What are our larger policitical goals? Wehere should we be focussing our energies? Frankly I think we ought to be pushing for impeachment and for a new investigation as part of those proceedings. I also think the evidence of foreknowlege, the war games, and NORAD's lying to the commission ought to be front and center.