Indiana conference

Notes on 9/11 Conference in Indiana and DISCOVER magazine article on 9/11 dust

Back from a great, packed-audience conference in Indiana sponsored by Kevin Ryan -- who spoke to the 650 in attendance along with Richard Gage and myself. Feeling rejuvenated... Great to have Richard Gage joining in so vigorously. (See Also joining the effort (with a major article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies) Dr. Cate Jenkins, who emailed me this morning as follows:

Dr. Cate Jenkins: See important 9/7/07 Discover Magazine article at:

Please blog the Discover Magazine article at:

There are viewable and downloadable video
news clips about the Discover Magazine
extravaganza, with Nadler and Pelosi standing
by a large poster of the Discover Magazine article, at:
END quote from Dr. Jenkins' email to Steven Jones.

Quoting briefly from the DISCOVER article: