New House Resolution Calls for Declassifying Secret Portion of 9/11 Report

New House Resolution Calls for Declassifying Secret Portion of 9/11 Report.
Wednesday December 4, 2013

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) introduced a resolution this week in the House of Representatives urging President Barack Obama to declassify 28 pages of a joint House and Senate Intelligence Committee report that includes information concerning foreign governments' involvement in terrorist attacks in the US. The George W. Bush administration redacted the pages from the December 2002 report of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001.

Media Roots Radio- US Imperialism, War Updates, Spying, Fear & Self-Censorship, Building Communities


Media Roots Radio- US Imperialism, Spying, Self-Censorship, Building Communities by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS- This discussion covers US imperialism: wars, costs, media and government propaganda; the culture of self-censorship and the erosion of privacy in the US; information as power and how communication is an important tool to strengthen and build communities.

I, Robot

Perhaps the timing was too perfect, for last night Violet and I watched “I, Robot” with Will Smith for the first time. This morning, I got up and saw the news. As you may already know, AIG has paid $165 million in bonuses from the federal bailout money, and congress is working on writing tax laws in response to try to mop it all up. While I may be coming from my usual unusual angle, I am reminded of this film.


I’ve no doubt that all of mankind can stand there, watch AIG pay those bonuses, and feel horrified at the thought of $165 million in fresh, federal bailout money being washed away. As one focusing on public infrastructure, I see robots.

As everyone stands horrified, it is robots that pay these bonuses. Our robots are the trusted, publicly documented agencies of our civilization, and they respond with built-in precision. The robots of our day are our rules, our procedures and our laws.


Columnist Babiak Needs Some Information and Education

["....Among the rock and theatre posters on every public board and pole in the city, there are handbills and mock-ups of American banknotes advertising "Edmonton 911 Truth," one of three organizations here that suggest the events of Sept. 11 were not as the mainstream media have presented them. Similar organizations, run by committed volunteers, thrive in cities all over North America...."]

Sept. 11 conspiracy theories provide cheap entertainment

'Truthers' avoid the difficult problem of making the world more secure

Todd Babiak, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Thursday, June 26

The Wire, a complex and critically acclaimed HBO television series about the ways in which human systems are doomed to fail, never found a huge audience. By contrast, the Law & Order and CSI franchises, in which a simple conspiracy is at the base of every crime, are multibillion-dollar entertainment properties. The Da Vinci Code outsold every novel ever written about the problem of faith. In recent years, the controversy around who shot John F. Kennedy has overshadowed anything he said or accomplished during his presidency.

Who Is? Archives

Some of you may have noticed that I have started a new "Who Is?" series with regard to 9/11. The reason I started this was because I thought too much emphasis was being placed on the physical aspects of 9/11, and not enough on the background information, the people who may have had something to do with it, the people who participated in the cover-up, the whistleblowers, the family members, the people who represent discrepancies, and so on.

I am using the work compiled by Paul Thompson at There are links available to each of the stories sourced on the original website. Unfortunately, it's just too much work to duplicate what Paul and others have done with regard to links. I want to thank them all for their tremendous efforts.

I also want people to know that the information provided is not the "end all/be all" of 9/11. However, it is most definitely an excellent starting point.