The art of infowar.

"Exert maximum force on the enemies weaknesses."

Having observed Digg for a while now, I've noticed one particular blogger who hits home with amazing posts. I encourage you to read some of his bloggs and DIGG them to bump them higher up when people search for news. This person has put up high profile stories that cut the official story to shreds. I "Digged" every single one of his stories, and I hope you like them enough to do the same.

It takes only a matter of seconds and gets at Digg's rather large readership.

I feel it's important to get behind our best and give them some strong encouragement so that they can carry the banner proudly.
Thank you for your time.

David Lynch Website Gallery Focuses on 9/11 Truth Art

Auteur film director David Lynch has recently gone public with 9/11 questions on Danish TV, showing clips from Loose Change and purpoting that there are "many questions and no answers."

He has also designated part of his website as the 'Interesting Questions' art gallery, giving users a space to reflect on 9/11 and submit works of art that range in style and depth.

It is an interesting and worthwhile contribution to the 9/11 Truth movement-- as the tableau of thoughts, questions, examinations and calls for action, impeachment, a new investigation, justice grows, it is meaningful to have venues for artistic expression and individual reactions to the events that affective the lives of nearly everyone around the world.

Terror Storm Rollout at Major Nationwide Music, Book & Video Chain Stores

Get out and buy a couple of copies at your favorite distributor (listed below), if your local store doesn't carry it, tell them to. Christmas is just around the corner, start shopping today!

Exposure of government sponsored terror goes viral - but only with your help!

TERRORSTORM will be available nationwide at dozens of independent and chain book, music and record stores beginning October 31, 2006.

We urge our fantastic supporters to buy a copy of Terror Storm from their local chain store. Even if you already have a copy please buy one as a gift.

WHY? Because if a firestorm of interest is generated major stores will showcase Terror Storm with end cap displays and special promotions - thereby vastly increasing the chances of bringing the truth to an entirely new sector of society!

Please help us spread the word by purchasing an extra copy of Terror Storm at your local video, music or bookstore! Buy several and give them as gifts this Christmas!