Pursuit of truth and "conspiracy theory"

This message may not have much to do with 9/11 but it does in one important respect: the unrelenting pursuit of the truth and justice.

In 1989, a tragedy unfolded at a British football stadium called Hillsborough at the beginning of a football match in which 96 Liverpool fans died as a consequence of poor planning, no crowd control and a lack of a disaster and emergency plan.

Last week, a report was published which exposed the scale of the cover-up by the Police in their failures to stop the tragedy. This included the police altering over 100 statements, telling police officers to say they weren't at the stadium and collected DNA evidence of those who died in order to see if they could find any criminal past that would help them justify the actions of those fans which led to their deaths. It was also revealed that 41 of the 96 should not have even died.

As a consequence of this report, I managed to get a letter published in the UK metro which has a readership of over 3 million stating that the conspiracy theory label is insulting and derogatory toward those who seek the truth over injustice.

It was edited slightly, but the essence of the letter remains:

WIKILEAKS on World's Most Controversial Prison

The overt terror administrations are being exposed a little more.. Wikileaks is exposing the insane human rights scam of the US terror prison.


FN is posting to this following article and the related Chris Hedges' article, The Corporate State Wins Again

I have been commenting at Common Dreams encouraging a wake-up call to get to NYC this 9/11!

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International Campaign for a prisoner accused of assisting alleged 9/11 hijackers

Press release

Subject: Justice for Mounir el Motassadeq
From: International Committee "Justice for Mounir"
Date and time: September 8th, 2009, 8.00 GMT

The Committee for Mounir is pleased to announce today the launching of an international campaign on behalf of Mounir el Motassadeq, a Moroccan student who has been sentenced by a Hamburg court in 2007 to 15 years in prison. He is the only person world-wide currently imprisoned for allegedly assisting others in the preparation of the mass murder of September 11, 2001.

The Committee notes that El Motassadeq was convicted and sentenced on the base of extremely flimsy evidence, demands the reopening of his case, and is convinced that an impartial court would determine his innocence and that of his friends, Mohamed Atta, Marwan Al Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah, with regard to the events of September 11, 2001.

Cages of Conquest: Part Two of Crusade of Surge and Siege

Read Part One:

Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Americans’ ever-enduring, catatonic sleepwalk through the Empire’s vast array of bread and circus, as always produced by the Ministry of Truth and the Department of Propaganda, better known as the corporatist media, has succeeded in the creation of an ignorant, incurious and dumbed down populace completely bereft of knowledge of what is done in its name. With no concern for or understanding of geography, cultures, history, alien societies, the outside world and of the imperial aspirations of the Empire, Americans have proved easy targets to the manipulations and deceptions of the corporatist world. Seemingly unwilling to gain knowledge of anything outside American Idol or the weekly NASCAR rat race, the soldier ants and worker bees of the Empire are content to circumvent the horrors of war and the myriad crimes against humanity committed in their name in order to maintain their beautiful minds at peace.

Indeed, the corporatist media has triumphed in completely erasing America’s two disastrous occupations of Muslim lands from the peoples’ conscious and concern, in effect shifting the ongoing debacles away from the daily reality of Americans and towards the abyss of a most cavernous memory hole. Methodically and systematically, the quagmires of Iraq and Afghanistan, with all their inconvenient truths, with all their disturbing realities, with all their corresponding death, suffering and destruction, have virtually vanished into a vacuum of nothingness, transported by the corporatist state into a clandestine and secretive reality, making of these disasters non-existent nightmares that vanish upon the waking of a new day.

"911 Associate Is Sentenced in Germany to 15 Years" - NY Times

The article by Mark Lander is located at

On Monday a German court "sentenced a friend of the September 11 hijackers to 15 years in prison for being an accessory in the murders of 246 people aboard the commercial planes used in the attacks."

The article states "The sentencing of the man, a Moroccan named Mounire el-Motassadeq, is a potentially decisive milestone in a complex and politically delicate case that has wended its way through the German courts for 5 years."

Apparently, he went to Germany in 1993 to study engineering and fell in with a "radical Islamic group in Hamburg that included two of the hijackers, Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, is one of only two people to be convicted in the 9/11 attacks. The other - Zacarias Moussaoui, a French citizen of Moroccan descent - is serving a life sentence in Colorado."

Mr. Motassadeq was first tried in 2003 and was found guilty of 3,066 counts of accessory to murder but that verdict was overturned on appeal and he was put on trial a second time.

It goes on to say that the German prosecutors struggled to make a case "in part because of what they said was a lack of cooperation from the United States in sharing evidence".