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Remembering the victims of the 9-11 Cover-up


The idea that people involved in exposing the 9-11 coverup have met suspicious deaths has long fuelled paranoia among members of the 9-11 Truth Movement. This article is a tentative list of many such high profile suspicious deaths. The most well known among them are those of FBI's Bin Laden Investigator, Patrick O'Neill (who met his death in the twin towers) and Senator Paul Wellstone (who died in a plane crash). Along with people who have died, the article also covers many cases of people who had their careers cut short for drawing attention to the possibility that 9-11 may have been an inside job. The most notable among such cases is that of FBI translator Sibel Edmonds and that of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen. There are many lessons to be learnt for potential whistleblowers. For example, some people in the list endangered their lives by trying to approach courts and authorities, when they should have been leaking their information to the media.

Evidence of insider trading before September 11th

By: Paul Zarembka
Source: ITHP

This report addresses evidence of insider trading before September 11th, sometimes referred to by a broader phrase, informed trading. Insider trading refers to using private
knowledge of an anticipated event in order to profit financially by engaging in financial market transactions. In the first weeks after September 11, 2001 a number of financial publications called attention to substantial insider trading in put-options occurring before the attacks. Some of these early examples have been surveyed in Zarembka (2008, pp. 64-66, 69-71), while this book chapter also commented on certain exaggerations (e.g., an incorrect doubling of the put-option volumes). Quickly, commentary died out.

International Business Times Says 911 Was An Inside Job
Osama Bin Laden never charged for 911 – Inside Job likely
May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden’s death is being celebrated, and everyone seems to repeat the old conspiracy theory that he was indeed the mastermind behind the terror attacks of 9/11. But that was never proven, and there is not even evidence hinting at such a connection according to the FBI. It is very well possible that completely different organizations than al-Qaeda were responsible for the planning and execution of 9/11, and that the latter was merely one of the involved parties.

Coming Up Thurs–Live Video-Cast from Berkeley, California: Fmr Sen. Mike Gravel presents draft for California Ballot Initiative

Coming Up Thur Mar 3rd - 7:00 pm Pacific * 10:00 pm Eastern * 03:00 GMT
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No Lies RadioSen. Mike Gravel


LIVE VIDEO CAST from Berkeley, California - Calif Ballot Initiative to get a real 911 Truth Commission


Everything But the Truth

The Road To WWIII

David DeGraw describes the likely outcome of global and looming US austerity measures. We are not too far away from this and we'd better pay head. Thanks again to the great folks at Global Research.
Full article at link:

The Road to World War III - The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play

by David DeGraw

Global Research, September 28, 2010 - 2010-09-27

The following is Part I to David DeGraw’s new book, “The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III.” This is the second installment to a new seven-part series that we will be posting throughout the next few weeks. You can read the introduction to the book here.

I: Economic Imperial Operations

9/11 (And George Bush) For Dummies

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Still think Iraq or Saddam Hussain had anything to do with 9/11?

Still think George Bush Jr. is an idiot?

Well the listen as George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, John Edwards, and Donald Rumsfeld tell you in their own words that Iraq is innocent.

And watch as George W. Bush morphs from a formidable orator and debater, to an Academy Award deserving buffoon in just 4 years time.

Still think Bush is an idiot? Well then my friend, it is you who have been made the fool...

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WE ARE CHANGE OTTAWA May 2010 Truth Action - Wellington St - Downtown Ottawa


WE ARE CHANGE Ottawa went out on May 15th, 2009 to downtown Ottawa on Wellingston St. We handed out 300 DVDS and many pamphlets regarding 9/11 truth. It was a nice day for a truth action and for getting the word out.

Thanks Craig for donating the "INSIDE JOB" Banner !
See you there.

WE ARE CHANGE Ottawa April 11th,2010 9/11 Truth Action ( Rideau Center )

Members of WE ARE CHANGE OTTAWA went to Rideau Center for our 11th of Every Month campaign.

This is a place we frequent often due to the large amount of pedestrian traffic.

What will be the "next" official story?

Dear community,

There's an issue that's been on my mind for a little while and I've never really brought it up here, front and center. I welcome people's opinions.

So far, we've had several "official stories" and on multiple levels. For example, we've had several official explanations, from various people and agencies, as to why the buildings collapsed.

We've also had several official explanations for how 9/11 was "allowed" to happen. In the first few years or so after the attacks, the official dogma was that this was such an unprecedented, unimaginable attack, that no one could have possibly been prepared for what was coming, as captured by Condoleeza Rice's famous remark. We could call this Official Story V. 1.0.

During that initial period, it was considered "unpatriotic" to go as far as to even suggest incompetence. Remember Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11? Remember how so many Republicans felt Moore should be hung from the highest tree for even suggesting that the Bush administration was incompetent? How DARE he criticize the president so harshly during a time of war, they thought.

Young Swedes doubt al-Qaida 9/11 guilt

Source: The Local - Sweden's news in English
Published: 1 Nov 09 09:27 CET

Almost one in five Swedes aged under 30 think that George W Bush's US government lay behind the attacks on September 11th 2001, according to a new survey by Novus Opinion.

The TV4 programme Kalla Fakta, which commissioned the survey, will on Sunday address the subject of the Truth Movement, an international group which espouses the conspiracy theory that the terror network al-Qaida was not behind the September 11th attacks.

The movement, also known as the "September 11th research community" argues that it was in fact the US government that staged the attacks, which claimed the lives of 3,000 people, in order to legitimize the war on terrorism.

The Novus poll indicates that a significant number of young Swedes are persuaded by the logic of the argument.

Of the 1,000 Swedes surveyed in an internet panel, 70 percent responded that al-Qaida were behind the attacks, while seven percent did not think so.

Among those under-30 only 58 percent believed responsibility lay with al-Qaida, while 15 percent did not.

Maddow: Largest Iraq bombing in two years may have been inside job

This RawStory report omits mention of the Golden Dome Mosque bombing, also thought to have been an 'inside job'

and no mention of the Brits in Basra dressed like Muslims and arrested shortly before they could detonate their car bomb
Largest Iraq bombing in two years may have been inside job

By David Edwards and Daniel Tencer
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 -- 9:50 am

Sunday's twin suicide bombings in Baghdad that killed at least 155 people and wounded 500 others may have had help from within Iraq's security apparatus, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reported Monday.

"This was a really well coordinated attack on an area in Baghdad that's supposed to be well protected," Maddow told viewers. "In order to reach their targets, the bombers driving these truck bombs had to pass through several checkpoints that were guarded by security forces and those security forces were supposed to be using hand-held devices designed to detect explosives."

Eliot Spitzer Explains The Bailout: ‘This Was A Ponzi Scheme, An Inside Job’

Eliot Spitzer Explains The Bailout: ‘This Was A Ponzi Scheme, An Inside Job’

Eliot Spitzer says Bailout was Ponzi Scheme and Inside Job - MP3 Audio Video Player. :

Read the whole story: MSNBC

Op ed piece in the Wash Post: Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime - How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers By Eliot Spitzer

Quote: A wiretap allegedly recorded the setting up of a Washington, D.C., appointment between him and an Emperors Club “model.” … “Kristen” met with Client 9 the night of February 13, 2008, according to the affidavit, after describing herself as “petite, very pretty brunette, 5 feet 5 inches, 105 pounds”. They were finished, three hours and $4,300 later. … “Kristen” then called a colleague at the Emperors Club and said that she liked Client 9. “I don’t think he’s difficult,” she said.

The night before Spitzer’s piece was published.