intelligence reforms

9/11 and the Recapitulation of "Intelligence Failures"

This report is based on a short excerpt from a lecture given by Allen W. Dulles, about two weeks after the JFK assassination in Cambridge, MA and aired by WHDH Public Affairs radio at a Harvard Law School Forum. The subject was: The Role of Intelligence in Policy Making. Here, former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (1951-1953) and former Director of Central Intelligence (1953-1961), Allen W. Dulles presents what I think are the movements of a theme we heard in precise recapitulation after 9/11 - namely that intelligence failures led to: the attack on Pearl Harbor, the unforeseen rise of German and Japanese military power of bad intent, and the Cold War against the "Communist menace." Given this historical background, it appears that elements of the 9/11 official story are simply the repetition of a previously and successfully used tactic of claiming intelligence failures after calamitous events and then using that claim as an excuse and as the rational for "intelligence reforms."