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Christopher Story on 9/11

Christopher Story has been editing a series of Economic Intelligence Journals from the UK for the last 35 years. Subscriptions are expensive - $300 to over $900 per year. But he pubishes free bulletins on his website a few times per month: Http://

In reading the testimonials on his website I found this: "I read with the utmost interest your article* entitled ‘The 9/11 aircraft were diversionary: The buildings were demolished by explosives’. May I please have permission to reprint the article in our local weekly newspaper". M. Salwasser, Reedley, CA, USA. December 2003. [*In Global Analyst].

So he's been exposing 9/11 since at least 2003. His current bulletins contain mind bogglingly huge allegations of corruption against the Bush Administration. I am curious as to why his work gets so little attention in the alternative media. The testimonials on his website are impressive and I copy some below, as well his own bio.