International Days of Truth Action

Truth Action Ottawa - September 11, 2009 - 9/11 Truth Action and Loose Change Screening

Truth Action Ottawa took to the streets in Ottawa's trendy Glebe neighbourhood on September 11, 2009. We stood at a busy highway off-ramp with our huge AE911Truth sign, handed out 300 discs on the street and then marched to the Mayfair Theatre for the Canadian theatrical premiere of Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup. The screening itself went extremely well, and the movie received a sustained ovation at the end.

Actions of September 11: part one

Incoming reports from the international actions of September 11 2009

Actions from New York City, London, Sydney, San Jose, Berkeley, Oklahoma City, Cardiff, Zurich, Rapid City, Brisbane, Milwaukee, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and more... add yours!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Last Minute Idea for Action on June 11th - TODAY!

Need a good idea for an action today?

Glenn Beck's Common Sense Comedy Tour's last night is TONIGHT JUNE 11th, just in time to incorporate the tour into your STREET ACTION! God really does have a terrific sense of humor.

I guess this is a rebroadcast of some taped comedy show that is playing out in movie theaters everywhere across the nation.

Quote from website:
Due to popular demand for Glenn Beck's theater events, an ENCORE screening will take place the following Thursday, June 11th. This show will be recorded live on June 4th and is being rebroadcast in select theaters on June 11th so you don't miss out on Glenn Beck's summer 2009 comedy tour.

Anyway, here is a list of cities, theaters and times.

Remember ... be polite :-)

Truth Action. Every 11th Until Justice!

Take Action June 11

Join us in action in your community on June 11 2009

International Actions of May 11 2009:

Full reports at HERE

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Take Action May 11


For those of you who don't usually do anything on the 11th - would you consider doing one small thing on this 11th to increase visibility for 9/11 truth? You could do it on the 9th or 10th or 12th if it makes it any easier. Every action counts and even a small action can help create great change. Putting up just ONE informational poster in a prominent place in your community could potentially affect hundreds or even thousands of people. You never know who you'll wake up! Is there any good reason for you not to join the good people from Chicago to Copenhagen who will be taking action for 9/11 truth on the Eleventh of May?

Don't forget to take a picture!


Actions of April 11

International Actions of April 11 2009: FULL REPORT

JOIN US in ACTION on May 9, 10 + 11

The Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice

Actions of March 11


International Truth Actions of March 11 FULL REPORT HERE


Doing outreach or some kind of visibility action in your community one day a month is not asking too much and it's also easy. And it's necessary. We need you. Please join us on SATURDAY, April 11 2009 - wherever you are. Do something. Do Anything. Be creative. Let people know why you're out there on the eleventh and that you are acting together with many other people around the world on the same day every month - and that we will keep taking action together until there is truth and justice for the crimes of 9/11. Come on, folks - it's a Saturday. And even if it wasn't you should always join us in solidarity on the closest weekend or free day. JOIN US - BECAUSE EVERY ACTION COUNTS!

Check the comments section for videos from March 11

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Copenhagen Truth Action

The second month of Eleventh actions in Copenhagen, Denmark

Christina reports:

We have a courageous professor of chemistry from the University who lectures about WTC7 so this time we've been out with flyers spreading the word. Our group on (where people demand a REAL investigation and stand forth with a photograph of themselves and their name) is growing day by day!

Action at Town Hall square:


Barcelona Truth Action

An Eleventh Day of Every Month action report, courtesy of propan0:

Report in spanish here

First of all, much respect to all groups taking part - you are a true inspiration!

Ok, here's our report from Barcelona, Spain:

We were 4 dedicated soldiers, armed with about 500 flyers, DVDs, and what is turning out our best weapon: an information panel that you can see (overburned by the sun) below.

Our strategy is simple: find a very crowded walking-only area with enough space not to get harassed by police, and set up the panel. Immediately we see people congregating around it and studying the information in it with great interest.


First eleventh of the month action in Copenhagen

January 11, 2009 saw the campaign for International Days of Truth Action spread to Copenhagen, Denmark. Mik writes, "14 truthers of Copenhagen group who met on, in action with banners and handouts on town hall square. Nice contacts with people, even on a sunday." Join us in action in your community on February 11, the second anniversary of the campaign and the first 11th action under Obama. We're not stopping until justice!

Incoming reports from the Actions of January 11 HERE

911 aktion i København d.11 Jan 2009

(picture below the fold)

Actions of September 11

My apologies for not posting this here sooner but there were so many actions around the world on the eleventh of September and the reports never stopped coming in. There were more actions for 9/11 truth in more locations on one day than ever before. There are 188 pics in the slideshow below and I'm still adding to it. Check out the blog at for the full report including a fairly massive collection of videos and a lot of great text reports.

And please - if you care about 9/11 truth and you are physically able - join us in action on October 11. It's a Saturday, it's international Freedom Not Fear 2008 day and if you haven't joined us before or it's a been awhile since you have - there's no time like the present and we need you now more than ever before! The next few months are crucial to the sustenance of our movement for truth. And don't forget to document your actions and send us a few snapshots, a video or even just a few words about your action... the more action that people see, the more they want to join us in action.


The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Actions of August 11

Some of the international actions of August 11 2008

full reports at

Huge thanks to all the contributing activists!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Actions of April 11

133 photos from the international actions of April 11

Check out the full report at and join us in action on May 11!

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