EU to Criminalize Internet-Based Incitement to Terrorism

FYI, you crazy, bomb-throwing-inciting-web publishing 9/11 Truthers- be careful how you post your favorite recipes online in Europe:

"The EU's counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove said last week that some 5,000 Internet sites "contribute to radicalizing young people in Europe."",2144,3277027,00.html

European Union justice ministers have agreed that using the Internet to publish bomb recipes or call for acts of terrorism to be committed should count as a criminal offence.

The 27 member states agreed on Friday, April 18, to introduce as new offences "public provocation to commit a terrorist offence, recruitment, and training for terrorism" which would be punishable "also when committed through the Internet."

People found guilty of "disseminating terrorist propaganda and bomb-making expertise through the Internet can therefore be prosecuted and sentenced to prison," the justice ministers said in a joint statement.

We Think

Without the Internet, the 9/11 Peace Movement would not be changing the world the way it is today. This is a great video illustrating how powerful and valuable the web really is and, consequently, how vital its neutrality is to mass-innovation.

Iran being literaly cut off the Internet

It’s becoming obvious that this is not a coincidence.

Reports of the FOURTH submarine cable that got cut just came in.
Who’s trying to make ANYONE believe this is just a mere coincidence or unlucky accidents?

DOHA (AFP) — An undersea telecoms cable linking Qatar to the United Arab Emirates was damaged, disrupting services, telecommunications provider Qtel said on Sunday, the latest such incident in less than a week.

The cause of the damage is not yet known.

Of cooouuurrrssseee, yes! just! another! coincidence!

Tell that to whoever you like.
But this is beyond conspiracy, this is just too statistically improbable to not be deliberate.

There have also been reports that there were NO ships present at the time the cables were cut.
And even better, no one’s gonna fix it any time soon, because of the bad weather.

source article

We are winning

(I posted this as a comment but it is worth underlying it)


Go to google fight and let 'al qaeda' fight against 'inside job':

You will see, FOR SURE, that the world believes much more in the 'inside job' hypothesis, even if all the media keep talking about 'al qaeda' plots everywhere.

We have won but WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BREAK INTO REALITY. Everything that will bring 9-11 truth from the blogosphere to reality is good and it is absolutely necessary to conquer justice and hold Cheney & Co. responsible for what they have done!

Please spread the word!!

Pentagon stepping up propaganda to justify control of Internet in name of "terror"

A nice piece of disinfo in the NY Times today. They are trying to reinforce this image of the intelligence agencies pre-9/11 as a bunch of teenagers working on TRS-80s. A former DIA agent explains how his home computer was better than what US intelligence had:

"Something had gone horribly awry, Burton realized.... This control over the flow of information, as the 9/11 Commission noted in its final report, was a crucial reason American intelligence agencies failed to prevent those attacks. All the clues were there — Al Qaeda associates studying aviation in Arizona, the flight student Zacarias Moussaoui arrested in Minnesota, surveillance of a Qaeda plotting session in Malaysia — but none of the agents knew about the existence of the other evidence. The report concluded that the agencies failed to “connect the dots.”"

This is obviously intended to justify the Pentagon's announcement that it is stepping up its online propaganda.

Typical of this propaganda campaign is a story in yesterday's Houston Chronicle on a recent military report, The Militant Ideology Atlas. The report downplays the importance of catching Bin Laden, and instead claims, according to the Chronicle,

Are the masses waking up?

Around 10PM eastern last night I noticed an interesting fact that could indicate that the masses are waking up to the fact that our Liberties are being dissolved in this country!

The popular site had the following stories at the top on their front page:


I have been a frequent visitor of digg since it's inception, and have never witnessed political stories at the top of their list, let alone three! Digg is primarily a "Techie" web site that promotes user submitted stories from the Internet, similar to this site.

A 2 Minute BREAK!!!

Okay, this is a little off topic, but I had to show you a Video that was created off of the speech of the 72 year
old senator Ted Stevens trying to describe how the Internet Works. THis is who we have running our gov't. deciding on
Net Nuetrality. Please note....the stutters are not a re-mix, it is how he gave the speech!

This first video is the Original Speech

Then watch what somebody did with it here.

After you listen to this..........tell me?

What is wrong with our gov't?

Just a little 2-minutes of fun, before I read this entire Iran attack blog again...