Intrigue Hits the 9-11 Truth Movement: We Have the Evidence, Now Where is the Love?!

The Kenne'bunk(?)'port Warnings have touched a raw nerve it appears for all involved and not so involved. Clearly, things need to be cleared up. Apologies, if appropriate, should come freely and just an overall sense of making things right. Meanwhile, it is striking to me to have just gone trolling at dailykos and glimpsed comments to the effect, "yeah, Cheney's capable of that and some of the signatories are credible, but show me the evidence and a notarized copy of signatures if you want me to really bug out at my computer screen." I swear to God, I am in the twilight zone, we all are. "Yeah, I can believe that the man second in line to protect the American people is capable of taking out a city or three with mini-nukes, or at least with radiological devices of some sort. But not necessariy right now, or next week. Yeah, possibly to probably before the next elections."