Invasion of privacy

Re: TSA's Virtual Strip-Search Program


NOTE, by Student: I find in this piece a mild rebuke only, about the new airport virtual strip-search program now in place. Maybe a right-wing writer would say it more forcefully. Note that this issue cuts across all false paradigm boundaries -- right/left, Repub/Demo, and so on.


President Obama: Stop the Searches or I’m Voting Against You

From Progressive Nation, by David Fenton

It’s time for Americans, regardless of political affiliation or philosophy, to stand up for themselves and demand that the overly intrusive — likely unconstitutional — enhanced “pat down” searches at airport security checkpoints stop.

The stories of outrageous searches of young boys, the humiliation of cancer victims and constant mistreatment of law-abiding American citizens by uncaring TSA employees mindlessly administering policies dictated by Washington DC bureaucrats are piling up. Every day millions of Americans who are exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to travel are forced to choose between submitting to an x-ray machine which displays their sexual organs and exposes them to radiation of unknown health consequences, or having a stranger search them as if they were a common criminal–a search involving having hands put on their “junk”, put down their pants or up their skirts or under their blouses. Some choice.