Dr. Cate Jenkins' New Article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Dr. Cate Jenkins holds a PhD in Chemistry and works for the Environmental Protection Agency. She has written an important article -- a Request for Senate Investigation regarding the WTC Dust, here:

In an addendum, she also requests an FBI investigation:

The reader will note that Dr. Jenkins is not reluctant to criticize EPA and other officials and politicians in her quest for correct science regarding the toxicity of the WTC dust -- and fairness for those people who were injured by that toxic dust. Hundreds even thousands were hurt by the stuff. In an email, Jenna Orkin writes:

"I've worked with and relied on Cate Jenkins for over five years. As far as I know, her science is sterling and she is among the handful of people who spoke up forcefully and truthfully in the beginning when it counted the most but few were able or willing to do so.


It was the first and only Newspaper in the country to call for a new investigation of 9/11. I have been posting on their comments section of the 9/11 editorial for 6 months now, fighting back and forth with two disinfo agents.

The comments section has slowed down a lot and could use a BIG FAT BOOST of fresh 9/11 related comments. I think I have been beating down these disinfo agents long enough that if a WAVE of 9/11 truthers hits the comment section and does a little of what they do best, telling the truth, I think he will have had just about enough and move on.

Pay respect to the one and only newspaper to call for a new investigation...go post your comments and show them how you feel!

It takes 5 minutes to go post a comment, a website, something...anything.


The main weapon of propaganda is making people feel like they are part of the "Majority".

Vermont is the Bright Beacon on the Hill

Whatever group is responsible for the Vermont panel tonight on, all I can say is wow. This is a historic day that has a shot at putting immense pressure on our government to be of the people, or be held responsible.

One of their comments was quite interesting, that we need impeachment hearings immediately. That seems to make sense because we are honestly in danger until we render the upper leadership impotent.

Very interesting.

Vermont has a chance to save this country and potentially the world.

Springfield 911 Truth - Ohio will be watching to see your outstanding leadership.

Patrick Leahy – 9.11 Truth’s Best Chance for Justice?

Patrick Leahy – 9.11 Truth’s Best Chance for Justice?

Is there any hope that Congress will reopen 9.11 for investigation? Many of us have been wondering this since the historic election results of early November handing Democrats a majority in both houses of Congress.

Many of us are rightfully jaded. The democrats in many respects have been complicit in the cover-up of many of the most important facts and questions associated with that day.

But, we should not entirely give up hope. The political tides are changing, and there is perhaps one glimmer of hope that we should all consider actionable.

In October of 2001 Senator Patrick Leahy was one of two democrats targeted in the Anthrax attacks (which was later verified to have originated in US military bio-weapons labs). These attacks helped to usher in the Patriot Act which Leahy had opposed.

According to Paul Thompson’s timeline:

"On October 4, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and future anthrax target Patrick Leahy (D) accuses the Bush administration of reneging on an agreement on the anti-terrorist bill. Leahy is in a key position to block or slow the bill."

And then in late September 2006 Senator Patrick Leahy posed the following questions:

Smirking Chimp publishes fair "9-11 skeptics" analysis

American Thinker says 9/11 skepticism "extremely dangerous"


by PositronicDave | Dec 3 2006

This just in...'s Michael Lopez-Calderon thinks that people who don't buy the government's line about 9/11 are "extremely dangerous" because they might "undermine our democratic nation's war against the theocratic forces of radical, Jihadi-driven Islam".


You can read the full article here:


"On September 19, 2006, I filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court over a FOIA request regarding Flight 93 ... The speculation regarding Flight 93 and whether it landed at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport or was shot down by our military over Shanksville, Pennsylvania continues. One web site makes an allegation that a mystery plane landed after Delta Flight 1989 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on 911. This web site gives a time line of planes landing and passenger interviews and makes the statement: "Flight X landed at 10:45, and at 11:15 the 200 passengers were taken into the evacuated NASA Center." This site maintains this is not Delta, but an unknown Flight...

"Did United Flight 93 land at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on September 11, 2001? That was the focus of my Freedom of Information Act request which was ignored for ten months until I filed the lawsuit. On October 2, 2006 while I was out of the state, a Mr. Brad Preamble, an attorney representing the FAA, called me because his agency had been served. On October 3, 2006, I returned his call; it turned into a conference call with a woman named Melanie who handles the FOIAs and a woman named Dottie. Preamble did most of the talking with contributions by Melanie. I was told that the FAA and the DOT had no "responsive documents" for my FOIA. Preamble explained that the Department of Justice had commandeered more than a million pieces of information or documentation relating to 911, and it was unlikely, even if there was anything, that DOJ would probably not release it...


Thanks, E.J.

New York Attorney General Candidate Will Investigate 9/11 When Elected

Rachel Treichler, the Green Party candidate for Attorney General, announced today at her home in Hammondsport that she will conduct a full, independent investigation of 9/11 as soon as she is elected. She expressed surprise that current Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has not already done so.

"Numerous investigators have presented Spitzer with evidence over the last five years showing that our understanding of what happened on September 11, 2001 is incorrect," Treichler said, "and still he has not acted. Evidence has been presented showing that the twin towers were brought down by a controlled demolition, not by burning jet fuel. If this is true, it radically alters our conception of what happened that day and in the days that followed. It means that people other than the people in the planes were responsible for the deaths and destruction that occurred that day. Who were these people? Are they in a position to harm us further?"

"The Attorney General of New York needs to investigate what really happened on 9/11. There is no more important task the Attorney General can perform in protecting the people of this state," Treichler said.

For more information about Treichler's campaign, visit her website,