Blank birth certificates in NYC stolen; investigators fear terrorist connection

As reported in the New York Post for Saturday, 4/25:

On March 12, an employee of the Department of Health in New York City discovered that a stack of blank birth certificates, all bearing the agency's stamp (104 total), had been stolen from the department's offices, near City Hall. One city investigator says that such a theft--which hadn't occurred at the department over the preceding ten years--is, 'like hitting the Lotto for terrorists,' since forged birth certificates are a crucial first step towards forging other documents, and all such forgery constitutes 'one of the primary concerns of Homeland Security.'

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Kevin Barrett & Icelandic 9/11 truth research-activist Elias Davidson

Friday April 25, 2008

Kevin Barrett leads another sterling conversation with Icelandic 9/11 truth research-activist Elias Davidson ( as they discuss Davidson's written work "The US failed to properly investigate the mass killings of 9/11 (pdf)"

(79:27 Minutes - 22.73 Meg)