The Chain of Command is Busted! by Jim Kirwan

"It should be remembered here that Rummy spent the duration of the attacks on 9-11 in his office at the Pentagon: without even trying to communicate with his department"never mind the fact, that all of this blood that spilled after the first tower, was by law, his responsibility. Is this one of the reasons that Rice is reluctant to testify under oath? Because when this gets out that the Bushites violated their own twisted revisions of national defense procedures, and then dropped the ball completely: then there may well be a demand for heads to roll!"

" light of current events now unfolding from London to the Korean peninsula (the Pacific fleet is on a heightened alert status), coupled with the impending attacks upon Iran and possibly Syria: Someone "big needs to locate the Secretary of War and track his every move"before and during whatever is about to happen"because according to the documents above
it will be Robert M. Gates who shall be responsible for protecting America, not the President or the VP, nor will it be Chertoff and HOMELAND Security. As a matter of interest, either the president or the vice president is supposed to remain in the country at all times"especially during moments of high international tensions"so why are they both going to be abroad at the same time NOW?

The Chain of Command is Busted!
Jim Kirwan

The Vice-President is on an American aircraft carrier off Japan, and the Decider has a scheduled trip that will take him out-of-the-country. He,ll probably be aboard Air Force One, but that plane is only used to collect money"as an extension of his political machine"it is doubtful that he could ever even pretend to operate the world's most sophisticated flying-combat-operations-center that Air Force One was designed to be. So what's the problem?

Urgent Warning of False Flag Terror From Former Bush Official

Deniz Yeter has prudently identified a warning from a former Bush official of a potential false flag terror operation by the Bush administration as a pretext for war with Iran. This is worth reading and following, as potential additional evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

Yeter writes:

"Hillary Mann Leverett, the former National Security Council Director for Iranian and Persian Gulf Affairs under the Bush administration from 2001 to 2004, until she left the administration, has issued a sober warning to the public concerning Bush's intentions with Iran.

In an interview on CNN, on February 12, she accused the Bush administration of "trying to push a provocative, accidental conflict" from Iran as a pretext to justify "limited strikes" against the country's crucial nuclear and military infrastructures, as opposed to "an all-out invasion like what happened with Iraq.""

Yeter also notes Brzezinski's recent remarks, which are worth repeating here:

Is Iran War Finally Opening Democrats' Eyes to The Reality of False Flags?

Its news when a large left gatekeeper site covers false flag terror. Here, a diary about Zbigniew Brzezinski and Operation Northwoods has become a Recommended Diary at Daily Kos, which means it will be widely read. Is the impending war with Iran FINALLY opening Democrats' eyes to the reality of false flags?

Brzezinski eviscerates Bushco, tries to warn world (world looks the other way)! "I think that our Iran policy is a train wreck in the making."

Senator Chris Dodd, here

This is astounding and I'm surprised it hasn't been covered more extensively here.

The "Mainstream Media" has IGNORED this. Gosh, I wonder why ....

For Zbigniew Brzezinski, in testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, absolutely DESTROYED Bushco's web of lies regarding the "War on Terror", Iraq and Iran.

John Pilger's article in New Statesman

As opposition grows in America to the failed Iraq adventure, the Bush administration is preparing public opinion for an attack on Iran, its latest target, by the spring.

The United States is planning what will be a catastrophic attack on Iran. For the Bush cabal, the attack will be a way of "buying time" for its dis aster in Iraq."We will interrupt the flow of support [to the insurgency in Iraq] from Iran and Syria," he said. "And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq."

"Networks" means Iran. "There is solid evidence," said a State Department spokesman on 24 January, "that Iranian agents are involved in these networks and that they are working with individuals and groups in Iraq and are being sent there by the Iranian government." Like Bush's and Tony Blair's claim that they had irrefutable evidence that Saddam Hussein was deploying weapons of mass destruction, the "evidence" lacks all credibility.

George Bush’s Endgame – Messianic Mission in Iran

We are hearing the reports now of a leader beset on all sides by failure, and the inequity of dissention. A president increasingly entrenched in a self-imposed cocoon of desperation, surrounded by second-string neo-conservative ideologues who continue to peddle him false hope, against all hope, of pulling victory from the mouth of defeat. Like a child playing chess George Bush simply will not accept defeat, futilely moving his last few pawns into position around a lone king, with neither the common sense or decency to resign.

These are, after all, human lives he is playing with.

Senior Iranian Cleric: 9/11 "Planned By Americans, Themselves"

I imagine it will be easy for anyone anti-9/11 Truth Movement to describe us as supporters of the "evil Iranian Regime". Much like we have been called "America Haters" in the past. I hope that if you hear such rhetoric, you realize that it's nothing more than spin and lies. - Jon

Senior Iranian cleric calls 9/11 attacks ”Puppet Show"


Posted: 12-01-2007 , 21:00 GMT

Tehran's substitute Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said "The US and the UK are supporting terrorists in Iraq." Speaking in the second sermon of the Friday Prayers, Ayatollah Jannati said, "The United States of America has failed in its policies."

FalseFlagNews radio host DL Abrahamson's speech at DC911Truth conference

FalseFlagNews radio host DL Abrahamson speaking at DC911Truth Conference on November 11.

1) History and power of false flag terror, the use of drill and war games used to bootleg real attacks, and top 911 coup suspects.

2) Potential for an invasion of Iran & domestic martial law, Vigilant Shield war games, and the major players pushing for another perilous war.

3) Israeli espionage, "art student" spy ring, Office of Special Plans, AIPAC lobbying scandal, JINSA, & dancing Mossad agents.

4) Dollar breakdown, death of the petdollar, mortgage/housing crisis, new Euro-based oil bourses, and potential for worldwide economic collapse.

5) Caspian pipeline politics, and the growth of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) along with newer allies in Iran, Venezuela, Mongolia, and India.

6) Activist solutions for overcoming the controlled corporate media, Left Gatekeepers, and 911 disinformation artists. Exclusive: William Rodriguez Has Been Invited To Iran

Tonight, as a surprise, I received a phone call from the great Willie Rodriguez. We talked for a good while, and during the conversation, Willie handed down this exclusive:

William Rodriguez, the last survivor of the North Tower has been formally invited by the Iranian Government to give a series of presentations about 9/11 in Iran. The reason he was invited, was because they saw his presentation in front of 22,000 Muslims during his recent U.K. tour. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs thought it would be a good idea as a "Peace Mission" to bring Rodriquez to Iran.

Rodriquez says that he "feels very honored that he has been tapped to do these series of presentations as a peace initiative, and he feels he will be more protected in these countries than in his own."

Given that the Venezuelan Government thought enough of Willie to provide him 5 bodyguards during his stay there, I can see why.

The dates are not yet specified, but will be announced in the beginning of March 2007.

Is War With Iran Inevitable?

If 9/11 was designed to herald in a broader agenda of American hegemony, it stands to reason that Iran remains on a very short list of targets.

I early bloggered here: that Debka was reporting a buildup of carrier groups in the region. There was some debate as to whether Debka is a reliable source (which I agree - it is speculative at best) – but there is some circumstantial evidence indicating that the build-up is indeed occurring – including a story I found that ran in the Navy Times – as well as this recent and startling story that Iran took photos of one such carrier group utilizing spy planes:

And now Debka is reporting this:

USS Boxer Strike Group, entered the Persian Gulf Thursday, Nov. 9, the largest US landing force to reach this water in a decade

The Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group (BOXESG) now in the US Fifth Fleet area headquartered in Bahrain, consists of Boxer (picture), Amphibious Squadron 5, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Seals), the Coast Guard cutter Midgett and
Canadian frigate HMCS Ottawa, as well as the USS Dubuque, USS Comstock, the largest landing craft in the US Navy, USS Bunker Hill and the guided missile destroyers USS Benfold and USS Howard.

Middle East Buildup Continues

US aircraft carriers USS Eisenhower and USS Enterprise in the Red Sea off the Saudi Arabian coast

November 1, 2006, 2:20 PM (GMT+02:00)

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower, and its accompanying carrier strike group, passed through the Suez Canal on Monday, Oct. 30, and arrived in the Red Sea on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the USS Eisenhower is at sea off the Saudi Arabian coast, together with another aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise. The presence of the two US aircraft carriers, and their accompanying strike groups, in a body of water as small as the Red Sea is an extraordinary development.

So far there have been no indications that the USS Eisenhower arrived to replace the USS Enterprise.

US Intelligence director John Negroponte also is in the region. He was in Saudi Arabia over the weekend and in Cairo on Tuesday, and is due to arrive in Israel on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

With the arrival of the USS Eisenhower in the region, there are now three US aircraft carriers in the Persion Gulf and surrounding waters, including the USS Iwo Jima. Accompanying the USS Eisenhower are the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio, the guided-missile destroyers USS Ramage and USS Mason and the nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine USS Newport.

Iranian Official's Statement: 9/11 Official Narrative = Make-believe

Rawstory's coverage and comments

Two looming issues here: why would Iran come out with this statement NOW and how is the US government going to spin it -- i.e., just another reason to nuke Iran?

Clearly, the man's statement refers to the entire official narrative, not specifically to an absence of planes at the WTC.

Add to it this adjacent story and see what you get:

Saudi Arabia Confirms Terrorist Threat to Oil Facilities

Reuters: "Western naval forces in the Gulf have been deployed to counter a possible seaborne threat to its Ras Tanura oil terminal."

Iranian Minister Homayoun: 9/11 plane impacts "a make-believe scene"

9/11 incident, a make-believe: official

Moscow, Oct 27, IRNA


An Iranian official here on Friday mocked the 9/11 story presented to the world public opinion by the US.

"What we watched on the TVs regarding slamming of two planes into the New York Twin Towers, was in fact a make-believe scene," said Iran's Deputy Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister and head of Iran's Culture, Art and Communications Research Center Mohammad-Hadi Homayoun in an address to the Iran-Russia Dialogue among Civilizations Conference in Moscow.

Homayoun stipulated that the sky-scrappers were destroyed through bomb explosions, adding that after massive media propaganda of the US the crusades began.

Criticizing Hountington's theory of Clashes among Civilizations, Homayoun said the theory was formed to justify clashes and tensions among civilizations and cultures.

Meanwhile, touching on a quarter-a-century chronology of the globalization process, Iran's Presidential advisor Mohammad Nahavandian told the audience for his part that global village is in need of human relations more than satellites and the internet.

Hello you fair and balanced US americans!

Preparing for the next mass murder in a far-away land...

01/10/2006 11:05:41

Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

The probability of another war in the Middle East is high. Only time will tell if the horrors of further warfare is to fully materialize. Even then, the shape of a war is still undecided in terms of its outcome.

If war is to be waged or not against Iran and Syria, there is still the undeniable build-up and development of measures that confirm a process of military deployment and preparation for war.

The diplomatic forum also seems to be pointing to the possibility of war. The decisions being made, the preparations being taken, and the military maneuvers that are unfolding on the geo-strategic chessboard are projecting a prognosis and forecast towards the direction of mobilization for some form of conflict in the Middle East.

In this context, people do not always realize that a war is never planned, executed or even anticipated in a matter of weeks. Military operations take months and even years to prepare. A classical example is Operation Overlord (popularly identified as “D-Day”), which resulted in the Battle of Normandy and the invasion of France. Operation Overlord took place on June 6, 1944, but the preparations for the military operation took eighteen months, “officially,” to set the stage for the invasion of the French coast. It was during a meeting in Casablanca, Morocco in January, 1943 that the U.S. President, F.D. Roosevelt, and the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, outlined a strategy to invade Normandy.1

Carrier Strike Group leaves for Iran on Tuesday

Hmm ... Bush mentioned EXPLOSIVES .. (see my previous blog entry), so things are desperate for his scriptwriters (the perps). Soon more US warships will arrive in the gulf.. Late October .. ... ...

Just in time for the Nov 7 elections,_2006

Killing thousands and making the earth radioactive FOR POLITICAL GAIN? I think its more a case of TO AVOID GETTING HANGED.

As always.. the ENEMY will "attack unprovoked" .. and "we" are "just" defending us.

Remember the Gulf of Tonkin? ...

The Navy has recovered from the 9/11 wiping-out of their electronic warfare technicians inside the pentagon... maybe now they can make the Iranians fire a missile into a US warship.

The recent CONSILLIATORY BUSH RETHORIC towards Iran will be brandished as proof that nobody wanted that war...

SOMETHING is WRONG......... HELP ME!!!!! Please!

This will be my last Blog for a while, so I really would like to read your comments....

First off, I have been a "Truther" for over 4 years, but am new to this site. My first question would be this... "How many truthers really read this site?" Is it just a couple hundred...or is it thousands? I watch the site counter, and see it going throught the roof. How many people are on here for real....or is it just a small group that keeps coming back ten times a day like myself?

I am a 40 year old guy that is very $$ Stable, and have many options in regards to what I do with my life. I read every post that you guys put up, and I love you guys for it. BUT, I have a gut feeling that we as AMERICA are in serious trouble. We have a Gov't that is totally out of control and has an Agenda that we can only speculate about. We are in serious trouble.

My dad who is 74, is a 50 year Republican, and to my "SHOCK" he said this. "Bush is a NUT, he is destroying what this country has stood for!". When I listened to this coming from my dads mouth...the chills ran right down my spine. We actually had a discussion about some 9/11 issues, and I showed him the truth about 9/11. I showed him the 10 minute clip of Alex Jones's Martial law only concerning WTC7. My dad was so pissed, he continued to say..."They are all crooks...from the Bottom up." Remember.....this is my 74 year old Republican to get to my point ....... I am scared. I am one of those tough guy wrestler/Rugby players that you would never want to confront. I am not saying this to impress you, but to impress upon you that I am the supposed tough guy, but I am scared to death for us. Why the F**K doesn't anybody see through this gov'ts BULLSHIT. We are screwing our own future.........