No money to treat 9/11 workers, $3 billion a week to fight Iraq?



No money to treat 9/11 workers, $3 billion a week to fight Iraq?

By Jerry Mazza

Online Journal Associate Editor

Dec 20, 2006, 03:14

Is this a new 9/11 conspiracy The New York Times is reporting? That “roughly $40 million that was set aside by the federal government to treat rescue workers, volunteers and firefighters who became ill after helping with the 9/11 cleanup and recovery will run out in months, physicians and federal officials said yesterday.” And the fund goes broke while the war meter ticks in Iraq at nearly $3 billion a week?

On top of that, that sanctimonious Contra criminal, Robert Gates, sworn in Monday as defense secretary warns us that failure in Iraq would be a “calamity” that would haunt the United States for years. Well Bobby, we’ve got a “calamity” here in New York (still part of the United States) that has haunted us for five years and won’t go away. So take your “commanders' assessments” “unvarnished and straight from the shoulder” and you know where to put ‘em.

The Great Anglo-American Energy Miscalculation?

The Great Anglo-American Energy Miscalculation?

In far off countries, about which we know little, deals are being struck that will bring exasperation and ever increasing degrees of desperation to the "Anglo-American Military Industrial Complex's" aspirations of controlling the world energy markets.

There are hot wars, and there are cold wars, both are going on right now. The general public is largely oblivious to them both. The hot wars are in Afghanistan and Iraq, these are waged for the very same reasons that the cold ones are currently being fought out. The most obvious cold war currently is the war against Iran, but a few degrees cooler than this is the war being carried out against Russia.

Los Angeles Actions: (1) Saturday - April 14th Earth Day Demo! [15,000 expected) (2) LA Times Book Festival (April 28th & 29th)

Click for video message from Peter Thottam;

Above 911Truth Los Angeles Google video link : In the above March 2007 video clip, Peter Thottam, an attorney & Green Party activist with 9/11 Truth LA, comments at a national March 2007 9/11 conference on the progress of the 9/11 movement, it's connections to various political parties, pro-peace/anti-war groups, and the range of individual actions that citizens can and are taking across this great nation.

April 14th & 28th/29th Outreach Organizational Meeting: 911Truth LA
- Saturday @ 1:00 - 2:30 pm -
911TruthLA will have the first of its now regular monthly meetings, this first Saturday of the Month. Light Refreshments and discussions about local 911Truth actions. 1:00 AM to 2:30 PM. The Location? --> The Unurban Café located at 3301 Pico Blvd (@Pico & 33rd, Santa Monica, just west of Bundy and Pico) . Please call Peter at (310) 497-7255 for more details. <>.

Taming the beast!


Taming the beast!

April 2, 2007 -- The neo-conservatives’ six years in power have turned the country into a ferocious beast, despised more than feared by the people of the world, except for certain client governments, while domestically, the country is no longer recognizable by the staunchest of patriots as their place of birth.

In November 2006, the country spoke and voted into power their only alternative, the Democrats, and tasked them with finding a way out of Iraq and preventing wider wars.

Pelosi surrendered impeachment, the only weapon the Democrats had, before the elections, and by bowing to the wishes of AIPAC, took out any language from the appropriation bill that would force Bush to come to Congress prior to any military action against Iran; again ceding the power to wage war to an irresponsible president. Pelosi tells us that such language is not good for Israel.

The Neo-cons, with AIPAC clearly on their side and the Democrats at bay, are not too concerned.

Bush "Scumbags Up" Again

Regarding Bush's recent comments that yet again refer to 9/11 as well as the possibility that another 9/11 event could occur if we do not continue with our war actions in Iraq. " Bush: 'Iraq withdrawal may spark 9/11 repeat' "

Since things aren't going well for pResident Governor George Bush and his administration (in many ways), it was time, yet again, to call on the 9/11 scare tactics that have served them so well these last many years. Bush has no honor, no integrity, no conscience, no intelligence, no ethics or morals, and no honesty. And Dick Cheney is worse. (fyi: Karl Rove just might be the anti-christ)

Both Bush and Cheney need to be impeached as soon as possible. (for Crimes Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States of America)





March 19, 2007 -- Thousands of protestors marched through Midtown yesterday to call for the immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

A hodgepodge of organizations and individuals - ranging from local unions to 9/11 conspiracy theorists - joined members of United for Peace and Justice to walk from Bryant Park to the United Nations, two days before the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion.

They took an indirect route that included portions of Second and Third avenues.

"If there hadn't been a strong anti-war movement, where else would we be right now? Syria? Iran?" said actor-activist Tim Robbins, who participated in the march.

"This isn't a fringe lefty movement. This is the voice of the people."

The march was peaceful and there were no arrests.

Cheney AGAIN Links Iraq and 9/11

A story today shows that Cheney is STILL linking Iraq and 9/11. Read 9/11 Lies: Another Basis for Impeachment for background.

9/11, Iraq: Cheney again claims tie
VP attacks Dems for first time since Libby conviction


Vice President Dick Cheney . . .
resumed his controversial claims Monday that the war in Iraq is the central front in the worldwide U.S. response to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Cheney linked Iraq and al Qaeda even though post-invasion reports by the Senate Intelligence Committee and the presidential Commission on Intelligence Capabilities found no link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda before the U.S.-led invasion on March 19, 2003.

Cindy Sheehan praises Vermont but mentions nothing of 9/11 ballot measure in recent press release

Cindy Sheehan focuses on "impeachment resolutions" and does not specifically mention the Vermont 9/11 ballot measure:

"Dozens of towns in Vermont will be voting on impeachment resolutions in their town meetings this Tuesday, March 6th as a people's antidote for the political temerity of Congress. If Congress won't do their constitutional duty, then, we the people will.

Vermont, the world is watching. Be the glowing beacon that leads our country down a path of justice and peace.

The hope of the world is counting on you."


Monday, March 5th, 2007
'Vermont: Land of Hope' Cindy Sheehan

Kucinich on the war

Surge toward the truth.

By Dennis Kucinich

02/14/07 "ICH" -- -- "As we debate this nonbinding resolution on Iraq, the Administration is preparing for the next war, in Iran. We are losing our democracy to war, massive debt, fear and fraud. The American people need Congress to surge toward the Constitution, surge toward the truth.

"Some call this resolution a first step. I would like to believe that Congress will respond to the will of the American people expressed in the November election. They expect us to take real action, to assert our constitutional power, to take America out of Iraq by refusing to provide any more funding for the war. That is our right. That is our duty. We have a duty to restrain an Administration which is conducting an illegal war. We have a duty to hold to a constitutional accounting a President and a Vice President who led us into a war based on lies.

False Flag Terror: The Case for Civil War in Iraq

All of you know about the bloody mess that Iraq is today .
Last week alone more than 1000 Iraqis were bombed to death.

I can not rule out that the terror was totally authentic these days, as Sunnis and Shiites are confronted in hate.
But there are serious hints that the civil war was originally created by the occupation troops.

You say that is an outlandish claim? Not so fast.

Let's go through this step by step.

The Motive- or Cui bono?

Listen to what Daniel Pipes has to say, one of the leading NeoCons:


The eruption of civil war in Iraq would have many implications for the West. It would likely:


Reduce coalition casualties in Iraq. As noted by the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Rather than killing American soldiers, the insurgents and foreign fighters are more focused on creating civil strife that could destabilize Iraq's political process and possibly lead to outright ethnic and religious war."


So the occupation troops do have a motive in creating civil war. Keep in mind that the real goal was not "victory", whatever that means, instead it was occupation of the Iraq oil from the beginning.

Was 9/11 and the war a decoy?

Ok, so after doing about a year’s research on 9/11, and exploring many other aspects of the United States, I asked myself, "What does this all mean and how is it connected?" For some reason in the back of my mind I was trying to make sense of everything, but it seemed that there was some information that I just couldn't connect together. Now, anyone who researches 9/11 can come to the conclusion that the Government is withholding information, evidence, and is lying right to the face of the American people. Now if you look back in history and research some of the major events in history, you will find that the United States' Government has their hands in everything. From JFK to BFK to MLK to columbine, the 93 WTC bombings, 7/7 bombings in London, and many other events that changed the course of the United States. Then ask yourself, "If the government is withholding information about these events, don't we as a people have a right to know?" Then you got to ask yourself, what else does the Government know that we, the people, do not. Well, I found one such answer in my quest for normality.

Zawahiri mocks Bush in video message on Iraq, Somalia

Lowest Ratings, State of the Union Address, Back against the Wall???


apparently site is down:

Zawahiri mocks Bush in video message on Iraq, Somalia

Al-Qaeda's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, defiantly mocked US President George W. Bush's plan to send extra troops to Iraq, saying he should send his entire army to be annihilated.
In an online video message, Osama bin Laden's deputy also accused the United States of being behind the deployment of Ethiopian troops in Somalia and vowed that Islamist forces would "break the back" of the Ethiopians.
"Don't you know that the dogs of Iraq are impatient to devour the carcasses of your soldiers?

Updated version of my Keith Olbermann + 9/11 truth video

My technique involves adding a healthy dose of 9/11 truth to a clip from the mainstream media that everyone is talking about. This begins with Keith Olbermann responding to Bush's Iraq speech and concludes with my own special comment along with accompanying music.

Note: This is an updated version of the video I posted last Friday. This one only has about 2 minutes of Olbermann - less Keith - and more 9/11 truth. Some day, hopefully, the two will be one and the same. Please recommend this to friends and family who like Keith but haven't figured out the truth about 9/11.

The spOILs of War

This was last Sunday's headline story for The Independent, a U.K news paper. It confirms all our suspicions, even though the politicians swear blind that it wasn't about raping another countries oil reserves, and gaining a foothold in the Middle East - just like the PNAC laid out.

"Iraq's massive oil reserves, the third-largest in the world, are about to be thrown open for large-scale exploitation by Western oil companies under a controversial law which is expected to come before the Iraqi parliament within days."

read the whole article here:

Olbermann's 1/11 Special Comment about Bush, Iraq and plans to attack Iran and Syria

This aired last night. Olbermann must be one of our closest friends in the mainstream media. I find him truly remarkable. Listen for when he makes reference to "conspiracy theorists" and "fertilizer". Was he alluding to the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Of course, I couldn't resist adding my own special comment about 9/11 at the end of the video. Hopefully, a lot of people will watch this for Keith and end up getting their eyes opened up even more. Watch all eight minutes and tell me what you think of my work.


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