Iraqi refugees

Proposed Humanitarian Outreach to Iraqi Refugees -- Victims of the 9/11 Wars

I have been thinking a great deal in recent weeks about the unfairly accused -- and attacked -- Muslim people. While we seek justice for the true 9/11 perpetrators, we must also seek recompense for victims. This, too, is justice. I propose a humanitarian outreach from the 9/11 Truth community to Iraqi refugees, victims of the 9/11 wars, giving us a very positive goal.

Will you join me?

For background, there appears serendipitously today in the BBC News an article which discusses the Iraqi refugee crisis – and notes that “More than two million Iraqis have left their war-ravaged homeland. The UN says about 50,000 more people leave Iraq each month, mostly to Jordan and Syria which want international help to ease the burden on their services. [snip] "The humanitarian duty calls upon all of us to look more seriously at the size of the problem and acknowledge that there is a real humanitarian crisis," Muhammad Hajj Hamoud, secretary general of Iraq's foreign ministry, told the summit for Iraq's neighbours, as well as the UN, US and UK.”