Israeli/American involvement

My Reply to Joshua Holland on Alternet Made Blog Post for Discussion

We have not rejected the idea that we could suffer real blow-back Mr. Holland, we just don't think that blow-back explains what happened on 9/11, and with very good reason. On the other hand, we have Chomsky like a modern day Procrustes trying to fit 9/11 into his worldview by chopping off the bits (the HUGE bits) that don't fit in with his pet theories. Sure, if you ignore half of the facts or more, you can make a plausible case for 9/11 having been blow-back, but if you're going to ignore facts you could just as easily blame 9/11 on little green men from Mars. Instead, what the facts (all the facts that can be reliably verified) reveal is the not shocking fact that arab muslims probably had nothing to do with the events except to have been framed so as to galvanize public opinion behind the president's policies--not on their own merits but by a knee-jerk response that could have been foreseen by the blindest of the blind--aptly summed up as "let's kill us some ragheads".