Turkish generals accused of links to 2003 Istanbul bombing

Three retired Turkish military leaders have been accused of helping to plan the 2003 Istanbul bombing which claimed 60 lives including three Britons.
The men are alleged to have plotted with al-Qaeda to carry out the attack in the hope of destabilising the government and paving the way for a military coup.
Prosecutors suspect the former heads of the air force, navy and Turkish 1st army were linked to attacks on the British consulate, HSBC headquarters and synagogues.
Gen Çetin Dogan, who has been described as the ringleader of the conspiracy as head of the 1st army and then deputy chief of the military staff, faced questions over Istanbul bombings before he was remanded in custody on Sunday. Gen Ibrahim Fırtına, the ex-air force chief and Adml Özden Örnek, a former naval commander, also faced questions over the links to the Istanbul bombing.