James Holmes reasonable doubt

James Holmes Potential Suicide Attempts/ message from Adam Coate

The defense counsel was denied access to Holmes. Possibly something being covered up. I don't want to see a repeat with the Arapahoe County Sheriffs beating someone to death in jail again.

"Denver defense attorney Larry Pozner said the fact that a client has been denied access to his attorneys is “extraordinary.”

“We’re 200 years past the point when you can keep defense lawyers from seeing their clients,” Pozner said. “It’s inappropriate, it’s uncalled for and it’s out of line.”"



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Sources: Aurora theater shooting suspect injured self by ramming head into cell wall


research on the recent Denver massacre by my friend Adam Coate

David I've added the embed links from youtube. They don't seem to work in email, so I'm not sure they're going to work on 9/11 Blogger either. But if people are interested they can click the links. I also expanded with some other videos.

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In no particular order here are the things I feel are the most important in casting reasonable doubt on James Holmes' guilt.

1) No means to carry out crime. James Holmes had never gone to a shooting range before. Clearly the 90 seconds total shooting time stated by Oates isn't realistic. However, even if we assume the shooting lasted 3 minutes (which seems to be true), an AR-15 semi-automatic can shoot 50-60 rounds per minute unless you're really good. Also keep in mind shotgun rounds were shot as well in this (a non-auto shotgun), which obviously has a much slower rate of fire. So I estimate the maximum number of shots that could've been fired by James Holmes at around 100. With 70 victims, that would put his accuracy at 70%. Also, a shotgun has lots of recoil, and an inexperienced marksman like Holmes would have struggled with it.



2) No motive. The only motive seems to be gun control, among other things. Obama still supports bringing back the assault rifle ban. This seems to be him doubling down on the failure of his Fast and Furious black op.