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Airport staff overreacted, Robo says - Times-Standard reports his side

Airport staff overreacted, Robo says

Sean Garmire/The Times-Standard - 08/05/2008 01:21:19 AM PDT

A Humboldt State University student arrested at a Boston airport following his alleged role in an airplane scare spoke to the Times-Standard Monday, calling his arrest an overreaction and saying he was mischaracterized by the Massachusetts district attorney who charged him with disorderly conduct.

Jason Robo, a 26-year-old political science major and student activist, spoke Monday from Boston, where he has been since his arrest last week.

On July 31, Robo was formally charged with disorderly conduct by the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. The charges stemmed from Robo's alleged misconduct on a Salt Lake City-bound plane as it was docked at a Logan International Airport gate, forcing the evacuation of the airplane and a three hour flight delay.

”I think that this atmosphere of fear is completely unwarranted,” Robo said. “It was not the passengers of the plane that were concerned. These reactions clearly illustrate how vastly things can be blown out of proportion.”

9/11 was an inside job read the sticker

August 4, 2008

Jason Robo tells Alex Jones his side of the story.


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College student with 9/11 conspiracy sticker forces delay of Boston flight

The Boston Globe | July 31, 2008

A former Worcester man was arraigned today on disorderly conduct charges after he allegedly slapped a 9/11 conspiracy sticker in a plane lavatory before running off the aircraft just before takeoff.

Jason Robo had boarded Delta flight 1165 for Salt Late City just after 5 p.m. Wednesday when the crew noticed he was acting nervously, said David Procopio, a State Police spokesman. Robo was spotted entering one of the bathrooms, and, after he left, a crew member found what appeared to be a handmade sticker that read: 9/11 was an inside job.