Jeff Farias

Leonard Clark Speaks For Me On The Jeff Farias Show

Saturday March 15, 2008
Leonard Clark, commentator for the Jeff Farias show, shares his feelings (and mine) about the anti-constitutional ruling cabal that gorges on war profits while average Americans die standing in line for health care (warning! . . . Lenny is pissed)
(3 Min - 1.2 Meg)

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Sander Hicks on NOVA M radio - Jeff Farias show - UPDATE - LTTE to New Times

EDIT: This just in, an interview with Sander Hicks at the 9/11 Accountability Conference.
EDT #2: See below for a message from Hicks, and a letter to be published in the New Times.

Fledgling progressive radio network Nova M Radio Network, has added a new host, Jeff Farias.

Farias will have Sander Hicks as a guest tonight, his show starts at 6pm EST.

Streaming audio link (copy and paste):

Call in 1-800-989-1480

Shows archived at Nova M and White Rose;

Thanks, PJ.

(See below for latest from Hicks.)