Jesse Jackson Debuts - Helping to Fight For a New Investigation! Debuts On The World Wide Web
Friday June 1st, 2007

- After weeks of deliberation, members from Philly 9|11 Truth have opened their website, amid the growing number of activist websites around the country and world. Still in its very early stages, other activists will be able to take part in looking through the past historical events we have done.

As you can see from the website, there is still plenty more content to be added. With prominent members such as Jon Gold and Mechanical Engineer Tony Szamboti - along with the consistent Temple 9|11 Truth activists known for confronting Alan Dershowitz on questions on false-flag terrorism as well as Jesse Jackson's involvement in the Council on Foreign Relations - the city of Philadelphia continues to grow for their support of a new investigation into the September 11th attacks.

Please take a look at our website. We encourage all activists to take a look at the site as we continue to grow together towards the same common goal of demanding a new investigation.