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Jesse Ventura Battle Howard Stern - Alex Jones Show 25 minute Clip

Tuesday May 21, 2008

Huge new development! . . .
Jason Bermas joins Alex Jones to report on Jesse Ventura's appearance on Howard Stern's radio program. They listen to the clip and comment.

(25 Minutes - 5 Meg)

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Jesse Ventura

Meria interviews Jesse Ventura in depth on 9/11

(This is by far the best interview I have heard with Jesse Ventura)

"This is the ONE interview of former Governor Jesse Ventura which stands out from his Corporate Media battles; herein the ex-Governor is welcomed and given a forum uninterrupted by corporate advertisements. Jesse "the Mind" engages in a fluid and thought-provoking discussion; proving that our best potential candidates for President are still waiting for the American Public to recognize the inconsistencies in economic and foreign policies which are eroding the very fabric of what we love about America. Support Jesse Ventura for President"


Jesse Ventura's Hypothetical Presidential Run Scenario (PLEASE LET THIS COME TRUE!!)

Hello folks.

First, a spoiler alert if anyone is still reading Jesse Ventura's "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me." This is a book in which even though the entire thing is truly excellent, the real knockout fireworks are saved for the last few pages, the Epilogue. I feel obliged to reveal those contents in the hope that doing so might excite the rest of the movement as it has me.

Jesse Ventura Talks 9/11 Truth with Meria Heller

I love Alex Jones, Jack Blood, and a whole bunch of other truthcasters, but Meria is more of a role model for me because...well, she's FUNNY as well as deeply serious. When I grow up I want to be as cool as her.

She's usually pay-to-listen, but right now she's offering a free sample broadcast of her interview with Jesse Ventura:

(If you missed my interview with Jesse Ventura, it's at:

Coleman dismisses chance of Ventura taking him on for U.S. Senate seat

Associated Press
April 18, 2008

ST. PAUL - Republican Norm Coleman is discounting the possibility of Jesse Ventura entering the race for U.S. Senate, as the former third-party Minnesota governor has suggested during his book tour.

During a Minnesota Public Radio call-in show Friday, Coleman blew off the notion Ventura would take him on. Coleman said Ventura is merely trying to sell books.

He said Minnesota voters would look at a Ventura candidacy differently this time around.

"We've seen that movie," he said. "I do not think the box office for the sequel would be very large."

Ventura on Fox 4.12.2008?

Hi everyone, I was in a crowded place tonight and saw a clip of Jesse Ventura on Fox News. Unless this was a snippet from his H&C appearance, this might be a new one worthy of someone posting if they captured it. A few moments later I saw Geraldo on screen so it might have been his show.

Ludicrous Hit Piece Attacks Ventura On WTC Collapse Comments

Ludicrous Hit Piece Attacks Ventura On WTC Collapse Comments

Radio host spews outright falsehoods, cites discredited reports to smear former Governor

Jesse Ventura Schools Dopey & Insanthony on 9/11 - video

Jesse Ventura Schools Dopey & Insanthony on 9/11

Ventura’s 9/11 Questions Break Through Mainstream Media Dam (On FOX - Hannity & Colmes)

Ventura’s 9/11 Questions Break Through Mainstream Media Dam

Jesse ‘The Mind’ Defends Questions About Towers’ Telling Collapse on Hannity & Colmes and National Talk Radio Programs: "How can two planes bring down three buildings?"

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | April 8, 2008

Former Governor Jesse Ventura broke through enemy lines yesterday, exposing major inconsistencies with the official 9/11 story and holding his own against some of mainstream media’s most disingenuous hosts, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Opie & Anthony from XM Satellite radio.

Ventura’s notoriety as a fiercely independent upstart may have kept Hannity, for one, from playing his usual dirty tricks.

The Video Clip: Jesse Ventura on 911 Truth with Alex Jones - Radio Interview

Former Governor Ventura,

It's time to team up with Willie Nelson, Daniel Sunjata etc and hold some serious PUBLIC EVENTS DEMANDING A NEW INVESTIGATION.

Richard Greene, Host of Air America's Clout, Plays Alex Jones Jesse Ventura Clip

Last Thursday, Richard Greene of Air America's Clout played an extended portion of the Alex Jones Jesse Ventura clip on his show. Yes, Alex Jones was featured on Air America Radio. Pigs were flying. My educated guess is that this probably is not welcome at AA headquarters which recently silenced Randi Rhodes for her comments about Hillary Clinton. Richard is walking the walk for 9/11 truth.

(24 Minutes - 7 Meg)