From Unlikely Quarters, Bruce Willis Ends The JFK Debate

The Kennedy assassination furore is over and the "conspiracy theorists" won... 9/11 is soon to follow

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, May 8, 2007

“...Willis' comments follow last week's definitive revelations concerning the role of CIA veteran E. Howard Hunt in the murder plot and his deathbed confession that the assassination of JFK was a conspiracy on behalf of Lyndon Baines Johnson... The establishment news media have completely blackballed one of the stories of the decade and it would take a very naive person to believe the ignorance wasn't deliberate. As Bruce Willis said, the U.S. government was overthrown in November 1963 and the military-industrial complex have been running the show ever since -- they are still in power today. The press are afraid to cover this story because a lot of people who have pursued the truth about the assassination or simply been in a position to know certain information -- have ended up in a coffin pretty soon after...”

Conspiracies, JFK/9-11: Grassy Knoll shooter confesses

For those unfamiliar, this is the relatively recent, recorded confession with correlating information supporting the case that JFK was murdered by a CIA/Mafia cadre.


These are just introductory links where there are numerous articles & videos online by the researching author, Wim Dankbaar.

While the documentation is relatively new to myself, I would estimate the legitimacy of such facts corroborates the hypothesis that a criminal operation like 9/11 is historically possible in the United States.

God bless you, JFK and many thanks to our pioneering researchers
(inc. Jim Marrs, an acknowledged 9/11 Truther)