Joe Scarborough

Everyone should post how they feel about the "secret prison" remark, Demand a retraction

We need to take action over those reprehensible remarks. Here is what I sent them.

"You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for suggesting people with questions about 9/11 or even people who claim it was an inside job be put in a secret prison. It's absolutely disgusting. This is the land of the free, I do not care how offended or annoyed you get by people voicing their opinion, you are setting a dangerous precedent even if you are joking. I demand a retraction or I will never watch MSNBC again and neither will my family. Good Day"

Bill Maher would impeach Bush for his non-actions on 9/11

On October 25th, Bill Maher was interviewed by Joe Scarborough on the usually worthless program, "Scarborough Country".

They tossed the ball around about impeachment with a Democratically-controlled Congress. Maher said;

"...I'd impeach him for sitting there for seven minutes on 9/11 when he was told the country was under attack."

(The pertinent quote at 4:07 mark.)

I like the fact that Maher is willing to talk about the lack of action at that point in time on 9/11, but I think he's asking the wrong questions. He should also stop mocking 9/11 skeptics, because if it wasn't for them, Maher wouldn't even know about those 7 minutes.

Scarborough video also available at Crooks and Liars for download.