John Bursill

The Hard Evidence Tour: An Interview with John Bursill

On November 5, 2009, famous Australian 9/11 truth activist John Bursill gave Mark from Truth Action Ottawa an interview regarding the upcoming The Hard Evidence Australian 9/11 Truth Tour. We encourage everyone who can make it to experience this amazing event, and we thank John for his tireless efforts to promote the truth about what happened on 9/11. Click here to hear this wide ranging interview.

9/11 Truth, Breaking Through the Media Blackout in OZ!

By John Bursill

Well what a week we’ve had here in oz fighting the 9/11 info war! As you may all be aware Truth Action Australia organized a recent Conference in Sydney, Australia in March of this year. The aim of this conference was to gather intellectuals and activists together over a weekend to learn more about the 9/11 events and discuss the way forward to truth and justice. It was also hoped that we may be able to break the media blackout in Australia by the attendance of some high profile speakers like Dr Bob Bowman and Yukihsa Fujita MP, unfortunately this did not happen.

Since the conference Truth Action Australia and 911oz have made a concerted effort to have the news of Fujita’s attendance to the Sydney Conference and the 9/11 questions he is asking, heard and seen by the Australian public. We decided to target our campaign at our publicly funded broadcaster the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The ABC has Australia wide coverage in all forms of media and has the confidence of the Australian public being the most available and trusted news source. Our efforts involved complaints, letters, e-mails and demonstrations that included distributing DVD’s and information to the ABC staff. This news is especially important in Fujita’s case as Australia is a major trading partner with Japan and Councilor Fujita Directs the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defense making his questions highly significant in our region. The ABC’s charter, is to “inform” the Australian people of news that is of “National Interest”, so this definitely fits the bill!

After two months of consistent pressure on the ABC, Hereward Fenton of 911oz was given a chance to write an opinion piece for the “Unleashed” section of the ABC home page called “Unanswered 9/11 questions”. Hereward wrote an extremely well crafted piece that was non-speculative and well linked to the best evidence exposing the falsehoods of the “official 9/11 conspiracy theory”! Hereward was well on his way to setting a new record for comments in the “Unleashed” section when a complaint by a regular blogger “IA” stopped all comments. His complaint was regarding us encouraging people to comment at ABC at the forum and this was seen by the editor as evidence of a campaign to get a higher profile for this article. Was this fair? Well considering this “IA” had been the most prolific poster of comments in a consistently derogatory and ad-hominem manner; seemingly trying to intimidate persons from commenting in an obvious attempt to stifle the debate; I would say no! As we the 9/11 Truth advocates had the overwhelming genuine majority support for a new investigation into the 9/11 event, this censorship on balance was unfair and uncalled for!