John Little

An Open Letter to the 9/11 Truth Movement

This just got posted today and I found it by way of a Google News search on "9/11 truth."

I’m just your average Joe from Averageville, USA. I hold no secretive position, no scholarly acumen to speak of, no covert connections to anyone nor anything that would give me an inside track on the truth about 9/11. I was at work in California when it happened. I was stunned. We were all stunned. We had no tv, only a few radios to listen to, but the impact was the same as if we were standing under the twin towers the whole time.

The greatest impact for me that day, however, came from the naturalized people. You know, the ones who weren’t born here, raised here, or educated here. They are the people who struggled very hard to get to the US. I’ve listened to a great many horror stories from them. One young lady told me how the Khmer Rouge grabbed her child from her while she was at work in a Cambodian sweatshop, took the child outside, and killed him as she watched helpless.