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11-11 Convergence March Organized by WeAreChangeLA a Rousing Success

On 11-11 @ 11am, well over a hundred truth-speakers and patriots from all around the region and the country, including brave Johnny Wave, gathered on a cliff in Santa Monica above the Pacific Ocean. They commenced to march through the streets chanting, teaching and handing out information. And from what I have heard, it was quite an impactful and inspiring day to both those marching and watching. Though I missed it being on the other side of the country, this beautiful video put together by Bruno from WeAreChangeLA, with material and help from many others, still gives me some good goosebumps.

Richard Gage on Truth Revolution Radio

Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth returns to Truth Revolution Radio to talk about his recent activities, his goal for signing up 1000 architectural and engineering professionals by 9/11/08 and the response to being attacked in a congressional hearing. Johnny Wave of Marines for 9/11 Truth calls in with a passionate message and the launch of is announced.


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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Johnny Wave on Truth Revolution Radio

In the third of a series of broadcasts covering the Actions of November 11, Johnny Wave of Marines for 9/11 Truth reports on the Los Angeles march and talks about the highs and lows of his continuing truth activism, including grateful support from other members of the US military and being stalked by followers of Michelle Malkin.


The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Ed Asner and Michelle Phillips Endorse Action on the Eleventh

At a recent David Ray Griffin speaking engagement in Los Angeles, Activist and Actor Ed Asner and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas both endorsed the campaign for Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice. At the same event, Johnny Wave of Marines For 9/11 Truth called for the court martial of the Commander-in-Chief.

Take Action July 11

Day After Corporal Wave said "Educate yourself," Ret. Lieut. Col. Ralph Peters claims “Conspiracy theories are for Arabs"- Pt. 1

On Monday, July 9th, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters was on the Michael Medved show to discuss the Iraq War, its implications for the Global War on Terror and his latest book "Wars of Blood and Faith." I couldn't stay quiet and just listen to them blather on, so I decided to join the conversation. In the course of my call, Peters warmly gave me one of his best racist doosies of advise: "Conspiracy theories are for Arabs." This is a man who has spoken of "the Arab genius for screwing things up" and his Cheneyac commitment to the idea that "There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing." I should have known that he wouldn't be a 9-11 Truther.. I felt a duty, however to school him on the divide and conquer techniques catalyzing the volatile situation in Iraq and the relation of that to 7-7, 9-11 and the left-right divide in America. Don't read yet, listen!

Pt. 1-
Pt. 2- (get's interesting a third of the way in)

Peters started by giving me advice:

“Never, never blame anything on a conspiracy that can be explained by incompetence.”


Are you going to be taking action for 9/11 Truth and Justice this Wednesday July 11th, the 70th month since 9/11? Well I hope so and so does David Ray Griffen, Michelle Phillips, Ed Asner and Johnny Wave. There is nothing more important than exposing the lie that 9/11 is. So on Wednesday July 11th spread the truth, wear a shirt, freeway blog, pass out fliers, stand up with signs and take pictures of your action and share it at TRUTHACTION.ORG. Link up with truthers and bring the truth revolution to your community..

We've Already Won.

Asleep at the Wheel

Why now is the time for Americans to wake up and save their republic

Now is the time. The floodgates have opened. People are talking. Is there a problem? Yes. We’ve been lied to. We are sacrificing young American men in Iraq every day. God knows how many Iraqis and Afghanis we’ve killed. If we sit by and not say a word as we allow this to happen, we are guilty. We are guilty of giving too much control to too few. We are guilty for not speaking out against the lies and injustices, the torture and unbelievable deceit, the breaking of America by people who are bent on dictating, controlling and destroying. They’ve done away with the Constitution. They’ve hijacked the airwaves. They are trying to get us to go along with their march toward a new order, but did anyone ever ask us if we thought the whole idea was a good one? State secrets do nothing but harm open and transparent societies. Some will argue that there is no such thing as a fully transparent government, but few can argue that our current government is not secretive. It is our duty as Americans to make things right. A government that cannot be held accountable for its crimes is a rogue regime. A government that does not obey its own Constitution is destined for failure and can only succeed if the populace does nothing. If you know the truth, you must share it. If you want to change the world for the better, you have to get out into the streets and do it!

Johnny Wave USMC on Truth Revolution Radio tonight

Johnny Wave USMC returns to Truth Revolution Radio tonight for a full length interview.

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