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Jon Gold on Visibility 9-11 - Two Huge Events in March!!

Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Jon Gold

Jon Gold

Interview by John Bursill

This week on Visibility 9-11 we have Jon Gold, a long-time 9/11 truth activist who is currently building bridges between the 9/11 truth movement and the peace movement. Jon talks about two very important and groundbreaking events that he is participating in March. The details are below.

Treason in America: 9/11, The Wars & Our Broken Constitution Conference
Valley Forge Convention Center
March 6 & 7th

This event brings together peace activists, whistleblowers, alternative media and 9/11 truth advocates to a conference discussing the issues and problems produced by the 9/11 attacks and cover-up. Jon will be the MC at this event and the speakers include Richard Gage AIA, Cindy Sheehan, Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, Bob McIlvaine, Daniel Sunjata and Luke Rudkowski just to name a few! Neither left nor right, this gathering is truly groundbreaking.
Please support this event, see details here:

Peace of the Action
Washington DC

Jon Gold on DisInfo and Coming Together

The Roberts Report
Jan. 11th, 2010
By Cheri Roberts - 9/11 Truther Cyberzine

A message to the Choir from Jon Gold about Disinfo and Coming Together


Celebrating the 5 year anniversary of his Blog YBBS ( activist writer Jon Gold joined me today on the Roberts Report. After years of diligent effort Mr. Gold reaches out to the 9/11 Truth movement as a whole and calls for fellow activists to step up to the plate. The Truth is we want a new investigation, other than that, we don’t know the Truth and Jon Gold would like us to remember that.

Diet Soap Podcast #32: The New Normal - Jon Gold


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This week's conversation is with 911 Truth Activist Jon Gold. We discuss what Jon considers the best evidence suggesting that elements within the US Government should be investigated as possible suspects in the crime of 911, the reasons behind some of the disinterest in examining this evidence, problems inside the Truth movment, and the possibility that the 911 Truth movement has been infiltrated by agents of disinformation and disruption. Gold's essay The Facts Speak for Themselves is frequently referenced and worth checking out. There are also two listener voicemail messages included this week, collaged material, a reading from Guy Debord's "Comments on the Society of the Spectacle," and a Titanic factoid.

Elizabeth Kaplan Interviews Jon Gold

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Elizabeth Kaplan and I met on Facebook. She asked me to be a guest on her show, Subterranean Homesick News, so I was. Thank you Elizabeth for giving me the time.

Jon Gold Introduces 9/11: Press For Truth - 8/20/2009

This took place at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater in Wayne, PA. Thanks to everyone that came out tonight, and thanks to Betsy Metz for making it possible. Correction: The news about NORAD lying, and the 9/11 Commission came out around the time this movie was released.

Who Am I, And Why Am I A 9/11 Truther?

Jon Gold

I see a lot speculation on the internet as to who I am, and why it is I do what I do. I've seen the idea that I work in a movie theater. I've seen the idea that I live in my mother's basement.

The truth is, I'm an American. My name is Jon Gold. I was born in Philadelphia in 1972. I am 36 years old. I'm a graphic designer and a web developer for a small company. I play the drums, I have a cat named after my Grandmother, I like comic books, I like music, I like movies, I like boating, I like eating out, I find things like Egypt (other ancient ruins), and history interesting, I live in an apartment, and I drive a reasonably nice car.

The Debate Over 9/11 Truth - Jon Gold & ScrewLooseChange

I transcribed Pat Curley and Jon Gold's closing arguments, quoted Jon from the 911Blogger debate thread and added many hyperlinks, plus my own comments at the end:

The Debate Over 9/11 Truth - Jon Gold & ScrewLooseChange

This is a documentary commentary on 9/11 Truth and the 9/11 Debate: Jon Gold Vs. Pat Curley, which took place November 24, 2008 on the Franklin Pierce University closed circuit television show, “The Dynamic Duo”, was moderated the show's hosts Justin Martell and Eric Jackman, and is now on youtube.

The topics of the debate were:

1. Are there unanswered questions?

2. Was the 9/11 Commission a legitimate investigation? a

Closing arguments of Pat Curley and Jon Gold:

Thanks For Playing...

A lot of people are suggesting that 9/11 Truth is a dead issue. I didn't hear no bell.

This debate is dedicated to Patty Casazza and Bob McIlvaine.

David Ray Griffin And Jon Gold On Rob Kall's Radio Show

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Betsy Metz has become friendly with Rob Kall, and he asked her to be on with Dr. Griffin. She couldn't because she is in NY for the anniversary, so she recommended that I join Rob and Dr. Griffin.

9-11 Synthetic Error - The meltdown of Webster G. Tarpley

Please Note: Use the comments section for civil discussion of this matter, any misuse of the comments will result in your account being flagged for moderation. -sbg

GW's comment: I had hoped that we could put the entire Kennebunkport Warning episode behind us and focus on the core facts about 9/11 and false flag operations. However, people are apparently continuing to go on the radio and disparage others, and so the pot is getting stirred up again and again. I also believe that the Kennebunkport Warning is not that important, given that many credible people have ALREADY warned about false flag attacks, such as Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul, Ray McGovern, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Scott Ritter, George Galloway and others. In any event, those who disagree with this post by Michael Wolsey can post their responses and point out what they believe to be factual errors in the post, as long as they remain civil.

9-11 Synthetic Error

The meltdown of Webster G. Tarpley

by Michael Wolsey September 17, 2007 From the original article posted here.

"In our movement there has to be a sphere of theoretical discussion, which has to be done in a business-like and respectful manner, without slander, without defamation, without ad hominem attacks on every page." Originally broadcast on World Crisis Radio with Webster Tarpley, Sept. 9, 2006.

wtart02.jpgJohn Leonard, who as far as I can tell is the publisher of Webster G. Tarpley's book, 9/11Synthetic Terror, Made in the USA, posted a blog entry at dated September 6th, 2007 and titled Tarpley's Rx for US 9/11 Truth Movement: Diversity and Civility in Discussion, Unity in Action.   As you can see from the above quote attributed to Mr. Tarpley, he is asking the 9-11 movement to conduct themselves in a "business-like and respectful manner, without slander, without defamation, without ad hominem attacks on every page."

Radical Pragmatist Interviews Jon Gold At The 911 Accountability Conference 2/24/07

In this interview Jon Gold talks about the importance of bringing the 911 family members and first responders into the larger 911 Truth Movement.

I Was On Louder Than Words - Audio Inside

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Jason emailed two days ago asking if I would come on to talk about activism. Thanks guys for the opportunity.

On Saturday, 12/23/2006 At 7PM EST...

Saturday evening, 12/23/2006 at 7pm EST, I will be on Kevin Barrett's RBN Live show called, "The Truth Jihad."

You can listen to it online live here, and they also have archives that are usually up within an hour here...

I hope some of you call up and say hi. That would be REALLY cool.

The number is (800) 313-9443.

Call To 911blogger Leadership. We are losing the infowars.

To start let me commend 911blogger for their tireless efforts. To get the show on the road so to speak. Many hours of hard work and brainstorming to pull it off.

After being a member for a litte over a month. It has become apparent to me. That your team is in a unique situation.
You have straved the niche of having the most up to date, and with a wide breadth, 9/11 news.

Your team has the ability to touch 1000s of truthers everyday.

I think it would be extremely valuable to the movement. For your team decide on some core missions. And ask us members
to come together and achieve a goal.

Jon Gold's 911truthstock is a perfect example. That will inspire. We also need some mini-goals. That we can drive the
movement in noticeable ways.

One idea is for everyone to team up. And start calling in on C-Span's Washington Journal. They often have open phones.
If enough people start calling. More will get through. And get the 911 truth into some kind of main stream media.

WJ is a place. We might get a fair shake. If we can get through.

7-10 EST
Call-In Numbers
Support Republicans:
(202) 737-0001
Support Democrats:
(202) 737-0002
Support Independents: