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Critical WTC 7 Foreknowledge Article by Graeme MacQueen, in anticipation of BBC Program

Critical WTC 7 Foreknowledge Article by Graeme MacQueen, in anticipation of BBC Program

Graeme MacQueen Debunks Mackey & Roberts

The BBC program comes out on Sunday, so I thought I'd get a leg up and post this here. I expect the arguments of Mackey and Roberts to be incorporated into the BBC program.

Waiting for Seven: WTC 7 Collapse Warnings in the FDNY Oral Histories
Prof. Graeme MacQueen

This is a great article. It totally debunks the idea put out by MacKey and Roberts that the WTC 7 foreknowledge was a rational thing for the firemen because of all the fire and debris damage.

This article shows that only 7 firemen actually made observations that they thought WTC 7 would fall, while 50 "were told" it would fall. These 7 firemen sound very confused and paranoid, and contradict NIST, who still doesn't know why WTC 7 fell seven years later.

MacQueen also finds that a majority of the firemen "definitely" thought WTC 7 would fall. Really, they knew definitely?

Janice Matthews and Laurie Manwell on Truth Revolution Radio

Laurie Manwell, author of Faulty Towers of Belief published in The Journal of 9/11 Studies, was the guest on the October 3 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. We discussed ways of overcoming the psychological resistance to 9/11 truth, specifically in the context of activism and outreach. TRR October 3 2007 mp3

Faulty Towers of Belief Part I: Demolishing the Iconic Psychological Barriers to 9/11 Truth pdf
Faulty Towers of Belief Part II: Rebuilding the Road to Freedom of Reason pdf

Janice Matthews of was the guest on the October 1 edition of the show and we talked about the history of both that organization and of 9/11 truth activism in general, the situation with Google and the future of our pursuit of justice for 9/11. TRR October 1 2007 mp3

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter: Correspondence from James Bennett to Laurie Manwell with Responses

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter:

Correspondence from James Bennett to Laurie Manwell with Responses

(06/17/07 to 06/17/07):

James Bennett [of “screw loose change”]:

I was reading your paper published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, and I was wondering why you misrepresented the Angus-Reid poll on page 16:

“An Angus-Reid poll comparing responses from 2002 and 2006 found similar results, and that in 2006, only 16% of Americans believed that the government is telling the truth about the events of 9/11[16].”

If you go to the poll, which you footnote, you find that that question does not even ask people whether they believe "the government is lying about the events of 9/11":

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter: Steven Jones Replies to James Fetzer

Steven Jones Replies to James Fetzer

Steven Jones Replies to James Fetzer

June 4, 2007 (with more recent Addendum in this letter below)

[Dr. Jones writes] On June 2, 2007, James Fetzer wrote to me as posted publicly at, and I respond, in ITALICS.

[Jim Fetzer:] Steve,

Just for the record, why do you continue to make statements about the journal you co-edit that are inaccurate and miseading [sic]? It was created as a part of Scholars, not as an independent entity, where Judy Wood was your original co-editor and I managinag [sic] editor. Please cease making these historically false and legally disputable claims.

It is a fact that the idea for the Journal of 9/11 Studies was independently mine, and I never intended the Journal to be part of “Jim Fetzer’s Scholars” group. I personally belong to a number of organizations and I have always maintained that the Journal I created is independent of any group or society.

It is true that J.

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter: Disinformation and Misinformation

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter: Disinformation and Misinformation

By Arabesque

A new article published in the Journal of 9/11 studies discusses disinformation and misinformation. This article was originally written for 9/11 Blogger.


Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter: Molten What?

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter

Molten What?
Jerry Lobdill
29 March 2007

There is much misunderstanding about the meaning of the colors we see when we look at pictures of the WTC towers before they fell. 9/11 literature is full of faulty assumptions, assertions, and conclusions. In this short paper I will present a case for how the pictures should be interpreted regarding the colors of thermal emissions we see in them. The case is based on the physics of black body radiation and gravity flow of liquids.


Dr. Jones demonstrated by experiment that organic material floats on the liquid aluminum and burns up (oxidizes). Further, the liquid aluminum in this experiment was never heated to the point where it no longer appeared silvery. This experiment gave the expected result. Organic material would not change the color vs temperature behavior of aluminum.

The conclusion of this analysis is inescapable. The liquid metal was molten iron.

Note: This article is related to the discussion found in this letter

Glowing Aluminum Disinformation (Feb 8, 2007)

Journal of 9/11 Studies Article: NIST and DR. Bazant - a Simultaneous Failure

The NIST enquiry into the destruction of the WTC towers purported to be an examination of the physical evidence. The final report includes commentary upon much of the physical evidence available from this examination but concentrates upon the time period prior to the onset of the collapse. The report does not go into much detail of the period of the collapse itself but instead relies upon the theoretical work of Dr. Bazant, to argue that once collapse was initiated then total collapse was inevitable.


Dr. Bazant has stated in his analysis, that his energy ratio would be increased in the event of early failure of the column end connections. This is correct and examination of the debris pile with specific regard for the numbered and identifiable columns from the area in and around the aircraft impact area could have given more precise information from a physical rather than a theoretical source.

Two New Articles Added To The Journal Of 9/11 Studies

From Steven Jones...

"Further evidence that Vice President Cheney's order on 9/11 regarding Flight 77 was not a shoot-down order, but a standdown order - an order NOT to shoot the plane down."

By John C. Ekonomou

Click Here (PDF)

Mathematics Professor Kenneth Kuttler has added an important paper to the Journal of 9/11 Studies, "Collapse Time Calculations for WTC1." He includes software code which others can employ in future studies. Quoting from Prof. Kuttler's Letter:

New Article Posted At The Journal Of 9/11 Studies By Dr. David Ray Griffin

A fine paper by Prof. David Ray Griffin has been published in the May 2007 issue of the Journal of 9/11 Studies.

The American Empire and 9/11 (PDF)

We appreciate the interest and rapid growth of informative peer-reviewed papers in this Journal.


Steven Jones

Article Added To Journal Of 9/11 Studies On How Melting Steel Requires Chemical Explosive

Professor Emeritus of Physics Terry Morrone has written a paper for the Journal of 9/11 Studies which addresses possible melting of steel in the WTC Towers and WTC 7. There has been unusual publicity surrounding the claimed melting of steel in leading to a failure of a freeway overpass in California and claims that this failure somehow supports the official fire-based story for the collapse of the WTC skyscrapers. Physics Professor Morrone's paper had completed peer-review and its publication in the Journal was expedited to explain the physics behind melting of steel, particularly as relates to the WTC. Prof. Morrone has made an effort to make the article readable, and we encourage all to learn from it. It is now available here.

Click Here (PDF)

Thank you Prof. Morrone for your fine paper.


Dr. Steven Jones

Four Peer-Reviewed Letters Recently Added To Journal Of 9/11 Studies

Four peer-reviewed Letters were recently added to the Journal of 9/11 Studies. We invite reader comments on these papers which add to the body of evidence supporting the controlled demolition of the WTC buildings and raise significant questions regarding "whodunnit". We appreciate the rapid rate of contributions of fine papers to the Journal of 9/11 Studies.

Gregory H. Urich
Analysis of Mass and Potential Energy in the World Trade Center Twin Towers (April 25, 2007)

Tony Szamboti, ME
The Sustainability of the Controlled Demolition Hypothesis for the Destruction of the Twin Towers (April 24, 2007)

Michael Fury
The Ghost in the Machines: Mystery of the WTC Hard Drive Recoveries (April 23, 2007)

James Bennett and Steven Jones

Two New Articles Added To The Journal Of 9/11 Studies

No Planes Hit Towers?
Gregory S. Jenkins, PhD

Click Here (PDF)

Interpreting the Boeing-767 Deceleration During Impact with the WTC Tower: Center of Mass Versus Tail-end Motion, and Instantaneous Versus Average Velocity (April 11, 2007)

9/11 Commission, Dick Cheney, Norman Mineta
Adam Letalik

Click Here (PDF)

Norman Mineta and Richard Clarke Contradict the 9/11 Commission Report (April 11, 2007)