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Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood, and Jim Marrs to Speak at National Press Club?

Cutting-edge 9/11 research coming to National Press Club - total911.info

Total911.info has learned that The McClendon Group, founded by the late, great, White House correspondent and investigative reporter Sara McClendon, will be sponsoring a presentation at the National Press Club in Washington, DC by top 9/11 researchers.

The event is to be held Wednesday, September 6 at 7:30pm. Featured speakers will be Dr. Morgan Reynolds and Dr. Judy Wood, with author Jim Marrs tentatively scheduled to speak as well.

Dr. Reynolds has promised an audio-visual presentation covering the whole spectrum of 9/11 issues, including the questions raised by the video record.

Thanks Judy for the submission.

Reynolds and Wood Reply to Jones

Disturbed about the content and quality of physicist Steven E. Jones' 9/11 work, Drs. Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood presented a critique. It covered ten major issues like demolition of WTC 7, demolitions of WTC 1&2, evidence for high-energy explosives, thermite, glowing aluminum, No Airliner Crash Theory (NACT instead of NPT) and other issues. Jones responded on two issues and Reynolds/Wood found it so unsatisfactory that they reply here, which incorporates Jones' response.

The above submission comes from Judy Wood.

This is likely to be the last in our coverage of this inner-fued due to an incredibly divisive email we have received regarding our coverage. Users who wish to continue to follow this spat are more than welcome to follow it on their own, or discuss further in their personal user blogs, but we will no longer treat this feud as news worthy of promoting to our front page.

We'll all bow down and praise you no-planers once we win

How about this to settle this dispute, and its most recent formulation with the Morgan Reynolds/Judy Wood hit piece today.

All of us who don't believe in "No Plane Theory" (NPT) will promise to give you guys all the respect and deference once 9/11 truth gets out. I'll even give you money for being right if you are, I mean that.

For now, the no planers at the WTC need to shut up and stop attacking their own, like Steven Jones, etc. This debate won't be settled until we win and 9/11 truth is out and then we can actually look at the evidence, have a complete investigation, etc. Until that time, 'No-planers' have to realize that they are hurting the movement. They are hindering the truth from being delivered to millions of more people in America and around the world. They are preventing the truth from breaking through the wall of mainstream media and left gate-keepers we are working so hard to crack. They are hurting the chances that others who know and have credibility will come out.

We all know that the government's explanation of how World Trade Center 1, 2, and 7 came down doesn't stand up to evidence.

Reynolds, Wood, Jones & Plane Parts

Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood have posted an article critical of Steven Jones and his 9/11 research at Reynolds' website: The Trouble with Steven E. Jones' 9/11 Research

In fairness, here is Jones' prior defense of his research, (note that this was published before the above linked article).
"Answers to Questions and Objections"

Last year, a construction worker sent us scans of photos that he took, of wreckage that he believes are pieces of the planes that struck one of the WTC towers. Now that 911blogger.com is seeing more traffic, it's time to represent Louis' story;

I was there that morning of 9/11 working on a nearby roof and the following week I was asked to go to Ground Zero to help with the rigging of some of the buildings that were damaged. I worked on, 1 Liberty Plaza, Century 21 Building, Hilton Millenium Hotel, and The Federal Building.