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Part 1

Before presenting evidence and theory, it must be said that the fact we are even having this conversation almost 6 years after the biggest official crime in US history is proof that something is wrong, and I dont think it is we da 'troofers' and our wacky conpiracy theories. The administration's eagerness to not investigate this massive crime against Americans and humanity in general as evidenced by the fact that it was well over a year before an investigation commenced is striking. Remember, after the Titanic sank, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, after the murder of JFK (another state-sponsored false-flag op btw) and after the Challenger disaster, we had official investigations within a week and a half. But with the event that "changed everything" we wouldn't have even had an investigation without the passion for Justice (still unfulfilled) of family members.

Justice for 9-11

Thought this was a fresh introduction to the truth movement. Concise and hard-hitting. Nothing new, but powerful.


The 9/11 Forest (and the trees)

Another comments reply turned blog post.

EVERYONE comes into 9/11 Truth at a different point. Some earlier, some later. That's just the way it is. It's the nature of the beast.

Look how long it took Sheen. And Rosie is just now speaking out. Ed Asner spoke out and seems to have backed off a little. (afaik) And there are a few others. Eventually Olbermann and Maher and Jon Stewart, and some others, will also get to the point where they will feel the need to speak out publicly.

Some people think the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement is dead and/or dieing. And I understand their impatience and frustration. But the movement is, literally, in its infancy. We probably don't even have 1% of the population behind us. And it takes 5% to 10% (+/-) to form a "critical mass".

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Why is nothing being done?

I just got done watching the loose change 911 video and there is one thing I don't understand. WHY IS NOTHING BEING DONE?! Other than the word being spread, with this
OVERWHELMING amount of evidence why is NO ONE investigating, why is our government not being held accountable for and answering the questions that need to be answered?

And I really need to know, what can myself and everyone of us do to get our government to answer our questions?

Police 'exaggerated evidence' against British 9/11 suspect

Police 'exaggerated evidence' against British 9/11 suspect

October 09, 2006

By Sean O’Neill

POLICE and prosecutors are facing allegations that they misled a judge and grossly exaggerated evidence against the only man to be detained in Britain over September 11, The Times has learnt.

There is renewed scrutiny on two fronts of the role played by Scotland Yard and the Crown Prosecution Service in making unfounded claims that Lotfi Raissi trained the 9/11 hijackers.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has opened an investigation into the conduct of the Anti-Terrorist Branch detectives who arrested Mr Raissi in 2001 and prepared the evidence against him.

In a separate move, Mr Raissi will go to the High Court tomorrow to seek an apology and compensation from the Home Office as a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Mr Raissi, 32, an Algerian pilot, was the first person to be arrested in connection with 9/11 when armed police raided his West London home at 3am on September 21, 2001. He was held for five months in Belmarsh high-security prison before a judge declared that there was no evidence that he was involved in terrorism.