Cincinnati 9/11 Truth on Public Access TV

Quite possibly our best show yet. We primarily discuss the movement's news of the past month: the peer-reviewed work on nano-thermate by Jones and company (and the censorship at Wikipedia) along with "Rescue Me." From those main points the hour-long discussion tangents off to touch a few other issues as well. I am the one on the far right (screen right, table left). A good, vigorous discussion. In a metro area of 2-3 million, maybe at least a few dozen or even hundred watched?

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth on Public Access (Episode 6)

I'm a bit late posting this - this is from February. Our next show is tomorrow.

I'm the one in the white sweater who kicks off the show. ;-) I immediately bring up Richard Gage, controlled demolition, and the fact that the FBI gave the demolition hypothesis a positive wink and nod.

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Part 2

Part 3

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth / WeAreCHANGE Ohio public access TV show Episode 4

Taped Dec. 22, 2008. My first appearance on the show. I am the one at the far left with the Investigate 9/11 sweater. We eased the audience in with the financial crisis, which led to discussion of the Fed, which then segued into false flag terrorism, and finally 9/11. We figured it would be more effective than hitting the audience hard with 9/11 stuff from the get-go.

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