Ken Jenkins

Pentagon Plane Puzzle + David Chandler: Going Beyond Speculation


"Two complementary videos are combined here in the order that they were presented at the 9/11 Truth Film Festival in Oakland, CA, on Sept 10, 2015.

The first video is a preview of the witness section of a forthcoming film by Ken Jenkins titled The Pentagon Plane Puzzle.

That is followed by a PowerPoint presentation by David Chandler titled Going Beyond Speculation – A Scientific Look at the Pentagon Evidence.
In post-production, Ken Jenkins of 9/11 TV added many additional graphics to the live video footage of Chandler’s presentation.
David Chandler's presentation starts at 26:40."

Ken Jenkins has ask me to post this to 911Blogger and we hope that you will share it around with other activists.

Kind regards John

Finally the Pentagon Speculation Comes to an End!

Hello all,

It has been a very long time since I have posted at 911Blogger, and it was this issue among others that were central to me losing interest in 911 Truth activism.

I simply don't want to be associated with people who put feelings before facts or ego investment before the scientific method.

I am hoping that the great work done here by David Chandler supported primarily by Ken Jenkins may finally start an ending to the speculation surrounding the crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

In absolute support of this rational position presented by David Chandler, is the witness testimony collated in the this video by Ken Jenkins.


I would be disappointed if this material is not enough to convince activists that saying that "no plane hit the Pentagon" is not supported by the hard evidence at hand.

Flaws in the Citizens' 9/11 Commission Campaign by Erik Larson supports efforts to establish truth and justice concerning 9/11, including through fact-based research and investigation, and non-violent, sound activism, both within the system and by direct action. However, we are not supporting the Citizens 9/11 Commission Campaign (its stated goal is to use state ballot initiatives to establish a commission to investigate 9/11 and the aftermath) and we are unlikely to post submissions promoting it, in its current form. People have asked why 911Blogger has not been posting submissions concerning the Campaign; we have not been, due to various concerns that have been expressed by team members and others, which we believe are legitimate. To acknowledge 911Blogger's position on this issue, and in the interest of facilitating discussion of the Campaign, we are posting this critical essay by team member Erik Larson. Our concerns include points made by Larson, but, like all submissions posted at 911Blogger, publication of this essay should not be construed as an endorsement of it by 911Blogger.

We also wish to note that individuals involved in the Citizen's 9/11 Commission Campaign have made important contributions to society by exposing historical truths, such as Campaign founder Mike Gravel and Advisory Board member Cynthia McKinney. As a US Senator in 1971, Gravel read and entered 4100 pages of the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record. As a US Representative in 2002, McKinney questioned Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Myers about the 9/11 war games during Congressional hearings. McKinney also chaired the 2004 “9/11 Omissions Hearings” following publication of the 9/11 Commission Report, and the 2005 follow up hearings, The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later – A Citizens Response: Did The Commission Get It Right?, both of which documented important evidence through the testimony of credible witnesses.

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TODAY: The Psychology of 9/11, An Interview with Ken Jenkins of

The Psychology of 9/11, An Interview with Ken Jenkins

Live internet radio interview today at 2pm (pacific)

I will be guest hosting for Carol Brouillet on her weekly show, Community Currency, and interviewing Ken Jenkins on the Progressive Radio Network

If you have questions for Ken or I, please email me at:

marin911truth (at) gmail (dot) com

We may also do some call in toward the end of the hour.

Hope to get some good feedback from all of you.

Be well and enjoy the day!

John William Wright

[edit -LW] - Here are links to the Ken Jenkin's article we mentioned on the show:

Archive of show:

Staying Reasonable with 9/11 Truth - A Powerful Path to Success! An Interview with Ken Jenkins

Interview and notes by John Bursill

Visibility 9-11 is excited to welcome for the first time long-term activist/organiser, film maker, writer, engineer and psychologist Ken Jenkins. Ken's qualities of patience, fairness, optimism and clear logical thinking are well displayed in this interview! I consider Ken a cornerstone of this movement pursuing 9/11 Truth, which he has devoted nearly 9 years of his life to. Ken's work is primarily as a film maker. He has produced and directed documentaries for the likes of Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin and Dr Steven Jones, just to name a few. Ken's skills have been invaluable to the 9-11 movement and given us all valuable tools to help us all take many scientific and academic presentations to the the general public. Ken is a professional videographer and consistently provides these films at a high level of production value and offers them at a tenth of the cost to us to use in our activsm. It is true to say that without the efforts of Ken Jenkins and his right-hand man hummux our movement would be less successful! Visibility 9-11 sincerely thanks Ken and hummux for this very important and tedious work.

Listen here:

Do you think about the past much, Frank?

Click to enlarge.

Poster design by Chris Ritchey.

If you're in the Bay Area, stop by for a free screening of a digitally re-mastered and Surround Sound re-mixed version of LCFC.  Remo Conscious told me he'd be swinging by, too.

Hope to see you there.

Next year, we better have some flying cars.

Happy New Year to everybody from myself and from Louder Than Words. It's been a long, crazy ride since everything began on April 13th, 2005, but I'm glad to say that we've all made it this far and we're all still alive.

Here's to 2008. To the end of an era. To Barry Jennings. To everyone that continues to fight for the justice of both family members and first responders.

And here's to 2009. To a new administration and hopefully a new direction for our country, if half the promises being made are fulfilled. Regardless of the outcome, I'm glad we're all in this together.

2009 will be a busy year for me on multiple fronts. Besides the numerous side projects I have going on to keep myself both afloat and occupied, I have a test screening on January 30th up in Marin, California for a remastered version of LCFC. The fine folks at SMT Studios finally wrapped up their surround remix and scoring, and I have to say the finished product is incredible to say the least. I'll have a flyer for that show up shortly.

Overcoming Individual Denial to 9/11 Truth Radio Show with Carol Wolman, Ken Jenkins, Chuck Millar

(Part One of a Two Part Series on Denial, Part Two will be on Overcoming Collective Denial to 9/11 Truth)

Carol Wolman, MD

Ken Jenkins

Chuck Millar

Listen Monday, June 9th, 2008, 10 pm- midnight (CST) to Questioning War-Organizing Resistance on the and to our guests- Carol Wolman, MD, Ken Jenkins, and Chuck Millar on Overcoming Individual Denial to 9/11 Truth.

David Ray Griffin Speaks to Big Tucson Audience

David Ray Griffin addressed a crowd of about 180 people in Tucson on Thur., Feb. 21 in Tucson at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church before heading to Phoenix to speak to an even larger audience the next day. His Tucson lecture was centered on the concept of nationalistic faith and it's power to blind and suppress critical thinking. The lecture was full of detailed recitation of the contradictions that undermine the official account of 9-11. Griffin's newest book [9-11 Contradictions....] was discussed and he promised an updated "revisited" version of his best selling [A New Pearl Harbor]. Antigone Books was on hand to vend copies of Griffin's books and they sold out of [Debunking, 9-11 Debunking] before the book-signing was over. Not surprisingly, the event was ignored by the corporate mainstream media and by most of academia at the University of Arizona. We thank David Ray Griffin for giving us an exceptional lecture in Tucson and we are especially grateful for the support we (911TruthTucson) got from members of AE911Truth, WILPF, Raging Grannies, Veterans for Peace, and DFA.

A Conversation with Ken Jenkins - Audio Download

A conversation w/ Ken Jenkins -

Al Chats with Ken Jenkins about the 9/11 Truth Movement, its challenges, potentials, pitfalls.
one hour, 6 mins.

911 Sound Bytes

An interview of Ken Jenkins that was conducted by host Bill Meyer and aired on KMED AM regarding the film: 911 The Myth and The Reality in Medford, Oregon.

I Need To Know What Sibel Edmonds Knows (And So Do You):

Here are some 911 related tunes on MySpace that people have sent in, check them out:

Ken Jenkins on Alex Jones today.

David Ray Griffin

Alex welcomes the Theologist and Author David Ray Griffin to discuss the ongoing struggle for 9/11 Truth and the recent rise in hit-pieces against the movement in the media.

(Edit: looks like no DRG today.)

Ken Jenkins

Later Alex speaks with award winning video and media producer, 9/11 Truth Activist and the producer of several of David Ray Griffin'works, Ken Jenkins, about his efforts on Griffin's newest video, 9/11 The Myth and The Reality.