The ABCs of Operation Northwoods

just finished a short vid summarizing Operation Northwoods for those who've never heard of it.

any & all comments, suggestions, criticisms, feedback in general would be greatly appreciated.


How understanding the assassination of JFK can help us understand 9/11: Some similarities and some differences

A thinking person needs just one or two facts to begin understanding that there is much more to either story than we are normally told.

Some similarities:

—It is not possible for the bolt-action rifle allegedly used by Oswald to have fired that quickly. Similarly, it is not possible for the WTC Towers and WTC 7 to have collapsed at free-fall speed for the reasons given in the official story.

—The "single bullet" theory is obviously absurd. Similarly, it is absurd to claim that two airplanes were capable of destroying three buildings in precisely the same manner on 9/11.

—The Warren Commission was tightly controlled by Johnson and Hoover. Similarly, the 9/11 Commission was controlled by the Bush administration through its appointment of Phillip Zelikow, and others.

Senator Kennedy: "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam"

In a speech at the National Press Club, Senator Kennedy pre-empted President Bush's address to the nation tomorrow by outlining a bill he's introducing that requires congressional approval for any troop surge in Iraq. Kennedy drew striking parallels between Vietnam and the current conflict, going so far as to say that "Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam."