Support - check out "9/11 & American Empire"

On Bonnie Faulkner's "Guns and Butter" radio program, an excellent DVD was made available as a contribution premium; "9/11 & American Empire - Intellectuals Speak Out".

The DVD is a recording of an event promoting the brilliant book by the same name. The event was a "KPFA and Pacifica Radio benefit supported by independent bookstores, Interlink Books and Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance."

I purchased the DVD during the KPFA fundraiser, and I have made a low-resolution file for viewing at You can watch the video here:

After you watch the video, please consider making a contribution to, and when you do, let them know that you are making the contribution specifically because of this event, and because you support Bonnie Faulkner's important radio show, Guns and Butter. (Wednesdays on KPFA, 3pm Central.)

Make a contribution here;

I don't see the DVD available as a premium from KPFA right now. However, you can purchase it from

DVD and event details: