Free speech radio muzzles Cynthia McKinney

Voting for nine positions by Thursday for Pacifica Foundation's local station board, KPFK is more important than ever for free speech since Pacifica Radio National Board and interim Pacifica Foundation Executive Director, Grace Aaron's regime eliminated Cynthia McKinney from competition for the Executive Director job, emailing the rejection unsigned and is attempting to defund Amy Goodman's program. (Don DeBar, New Pacifica's" frontal attack on Democracy Now!, October 9, 2009)

Is Amy Goodman a CIA Agent?

The Wonderful World Of Unbalanced Media,
by Danny Schechter
Beckian demagogues on the Left too: New Pacifica Mishigas' attack on Amy Goodman as a CIA agent.

Goodman: Paid by CIA to cover-up 9/11 Truth?

Christopher Condon, an ally of Pacifica’s interim director Grace Aaron, last month introduced a resolution at a meeting of the Pacifica National Board’s Governance Committee targeting Democracy Now! over allegations that is is being secretly funded by the CIA.

The action, which would require every Pacifica programmer to disclose all sources of funding above $5000 and related contracts, passed the Committee and is before the Pacifica National Board, meeting in Houston this weekend, for approval.

To our friends and supporters ...

Another year has passed, and we find ourselves reflecting on the events of September 11th, 2001. Throughout this past year, large strides have been made in the Movement's efforts to bring both closure and much-needed answers surrounding that day to all of those that were affected. The year 2009 brings a new version of our film: Loose Change 9/11 - An American Coup, narrated by Daniel Sunjata. Sunjata’s participation in American Coup provides not just a new voice for the film, but also establishes him as a strong and unwavering spokesperson for the 9/11 Truth Movement, who has even gone so far as to defend his beliefs as the character Franco in the fifth season of FX’s Rescue Me.

Dr. Stephen Jones and Richard Gage AIA on KPFK February 4 2008

Tuesday February 5, 2008
Dr. Stephen Jones And Richard Gage, AIA On KPFK Program Indymedia February 4th, 2008

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Waxman Truth Squad on 1-11-08 "KPFK Evening News" with Senior Producer, Christine Blosdale

KPFK Senior Producer, Christine Blosdale, prepared a segment for the January 11, 2008 "KPFK Evening News" on what she called a "great gotcha moment in history," namely the recent truth-squading of Representative Henry Waxman. Interspersed with her own take on it were a few powerful moments from the encounter pulled from the We Are Change LA video of the event.

You can download the entire news show here-
The segment starts right before the 21:30 mark.
Here's a link to just the 6-some minute segment: Click here to watch '-gotcha-Henry-Waxman--on-KPFK-1-11-08' or

C-SPAN and KPFK provide media Coverage to Rodriguez


A special one hour interview with 9/11 Hero William Rodriguez will air on KPFK Los Angeles - Pacifica Radio - this Friday August 17 at 1PM PT (4PM ET). You can listen to the entire hour by visiting and clicking the "Listen Live" button. In case you miss it, don't fret,
just visit the Audio Archives section of the site and look for InnerVision Fridays with Michael Benner.

Later that evening William will be joined by actor Ed Asner and speaking to a crowd in Los Angeles at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church located at 3300 Wilshire Blvd. The program begins at 7PM.

For more info call 805-653-1588 or log onto

The best news yet? C-SPAN is coming to film it - and that means more national exposure, folks!
We'll keep you updated on when it will air.

Kevin Ryan on KPFK - June 4, 2007

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Kevin Ryan was interviewed on Santa Barbara's KPFK, on a program by Chris Burnett. Chris made opening remarks about 9/11 and then invited Kevin to speak via phone. Web site was given out. Kevin then took caller questions during the last quarter hour.

A wide-ranging, informed discussion about the way data was ignored and altered to reach certain conclusions about the "official" collapse theories.

This program was broadcast from 3PM to 4PM on Monday June 4, 2007 but can be found online at link above. You might want to archive this program since program is only available online for 90 days.

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