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New Yorker profiles Kroll

Oct. 19, 2009, edition of The New Yorker has a long profile of Jules Kroll. It's only available online to subscribers, but may become generally available when it's no longer the current issue. Lots of interesting detail about his business, including his selling of Kroll Inc to Marsh McLennan in 2004, but absolutely no mention is made of the crucial location of both companies' offices in WTC on 9/11. It can be viewed in the digital edition at

Meet Jerome Hauer, 9/11 Suspect Awaiting Indictment

Were Harley Guy and Jerome Hauer channeling each other on the morning of September 11, 2001?

...from the morning of September 11, 2001:

Dan Rather: Based on what you know, and I recognize we’re dealing with so few facts, is it possible that just a plane crash could have collapsed these buildings, or would it have required the, sort of, prior positioning of other explosives in the, uh, in the buildings? I mean, what do you think?

Jerome Hauer: No, I, uh, my sense is just the velocity of the plane and the fact that you have a plane filled with fuel hitting that building, uh, that burned, uh, the velocity of that plane, uh, certainly, uh, uh, had an impact on the structure itself, and then the fact that it burned and you had that intense heat, uh, probably weakened the structure as well, uh, and I think it, uh, was, uh, simply the, uh, the planes hitting the buildings, and, and causing the collapse.

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