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LA Weekly: 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation in Tehachapi, CA

9/11: Truth and Reconciliation in Tehachapi

By Adam Gropman
Published on September 08, 2009 at 11:13pm

At the sleepy outdoor market in Tehachapi, about two hours Northeast of L.A., something colorful and a bit visually arresting stands out from the usual array of vendors. It’s the booth of some kind of “9/11 Truth” group. This being mid-2009, and well into an Obama presidency under attack by birthers and deathers and the like, the persistence of these 9/11 truthers can come across as admirable, misguided or perhaps a combination.

LA Weekly: What Would 9/11 Have Been Like in the Age of Social Media?

What Would 9-11 Be Like in the Age of Social Media?

By Alexia Tsotsis in Tech, iSociety
Friday, Sep. 11 2009 @ 9:02AM

During the President's health care speech two days ago, the shared experience that is the realtime Internet reacted to a perfect Twitter-fodder event -- Joe Wilson's "you lie" outburst -- with a surprising amount of conversation about the real issue in the room, health care reform.

This realtime 24-7 Internet did not exist in 2001. We had the earliest versions of social media, instant messaging and blogs. But we had nowhere near the household use of many-to-many communication channels like Twitter and text messages. For the most part we spent 9-11 watching CNN. The Web in '09 is more about doing rather than watching. Twitter asks, "What are you doing RIGHT NOW?"

Erin Broadley of reaches out to the Truth Movement.

Hi, this is Erin Broadley of Last fall you linked to an
article I had written about Denis Leary's appearance at book soup.
Thought you might be interested in linking up these two news stories for
your readers as well. Let me know!

What Would 9/11 Have Been Like in the Age of Social Media?

Realtime 24-7 Internet communication through social media channels like
Twitter did not exist in 2001. A look into the net reaction to more recent
disasters offers clues to what would happen in a 9/11-style attack today.
Could Twitter handle the scale?

9/11: Truth and Reconciliation in Tehachapi

As one might ask of so many strong beliefs that lead to proselytizing and,
in extreme cases, crusading behavior, is “9/11 Truth” a meme, or is it
the healthy response of people who see an otherwise obscured reality?

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Marc Cooper Attacks Cynthia McKinney -- Please Respond

Trying to attack McKinney via Obama with exaggerated distortions is, in some ways, a very good sign -- they are that concerned about her candidacy.

It appears that they need to turn people away from her before anyone can hear what she has to say, especially potential Obama voters. There will be more to come, but we need to respond.

Marc Cooper is a writer for the Nation, a publication that does their best to trash anyone who asks too many questions and defend most official version of events, no matter how transparently. For example the Nation published an attack article on The New Pearl Harbor, by David Ray Griffin, authored by CIA agent, Robert Baer, that started with the line: "Conspiracy theories are hard to kill," and went downhill from there. This is what the Nation and it's writers are about -- defending the official version of events and working hard to take down anyone who asks too many questions through distortion, smears and innuendo.