Tell Me Again Why "Conspiracy Theory" is a Dirty Label

Whenever any claim is made that the government has done anything wrong, government apologists say "that's a conspiracy theory!"

Well, let's examine what the people trained to weigh evidence and reach conclusions think about "conspiracies". Let's look at what American judges think.

Searching Westlaw, one of the 2 primary legal research networks which attorneys and judges use to research the law, I searched for court decisions including the word "Conspiracy". This is such a common term in lawsuits that it overwhelmed Westlaw. Specifically, I got the following message:

"Your query has been intercepted because it may retrieve a large number of documents."

From experience, I know that this means that there were potentially millions or many hundreds of thousands of cases which use the term. There were so many cases, that Westlaw could not even start processing the request.


Several years ago, the terms "LIHOP" and "MIHOP" were coined to describe two camps of the 9/11 truth movement.

"LIHOP", for those who don't know, stands for the theory that elements of the U.S. government Let It Happen On Purpose. "It", of course, is 9/11. People who believe in LIHOP stress that the intelligence services had been tracking the alleged hijackers and had ample warning of the attacks in advance, standard air defense procedures would have stopped any hijacked jets from crashing into both the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, the anomolies in the funding of the attacks, the people involved, the interference with investigations and prosecutions which could have stopped the attacks, and the cover-up by the government all point to the conclusion that elements of the U.S. government intentionally allowed the attacks to happen on purpose in order to promote the imperial agenda laid out previously by the Project for a New American Century and elsewhere.

"MIHOP", on the other hand, stands for the theory that the U.S. government Made It Happen On Purpose. People who believe in MIHOP stress physical evidence which tends to contradict the official theory about 9/11, such as the strange "collapses" of the Twin Towers and WTC7, and may stress anomolies in the attack on the Pentagon, the way that Flight 93 crashed (or was shot down?), and perhaps even the impact of the airplanes on the Twin Towers. MIHOPs believe that the physical evidence is the "smoking gun" which is so irrefutable that it will convict the perpetrators. MIHOPs believe that if we ignore the smoking guns, we will pass up our best chance to prove that 9/11 was an inside job, since "letting it happen on purpose" is hard to distinguish from mere negligence and mistake.