NYTimes: U.S. had warnings on plotter of Mumbai attack


October 16, 2010

U.S. Had Warnings on Plotter of Mumbai Attack

This article is by Jane Perlez, Eric Schmitt and Ginger Thompson.

Lashkar-e-Tayyiba: al Qaeda for the Next Generation

The curious case of David Coleman Headley got me looking into whether something else might be afoot in the shadows. If you are unfamiliar with Headley, he is the US citizen who recently plead guilty to having a role in the November 26, 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack. Apparently his guilty plea also included his having a role in the plot to kill people at a Danish newspaper. According to the Christian Science Monitor's March 18, 2010 article, David Headley pleads guilty in 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack:

David Coleman Headley, a US citizen, could have been sentenced to death by lethal injection for his alleged involvement in the India attacks that left more than 164 dead, including six Americans. But with his guilty plea, prosecutors have agreed not to seek the death penalty or to extradite him to India, Pakistan, or Denmark.

Is Headley an American agent who turned rogue? [Mumbai Attack]

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Is Headley an American agent who turned rogue?
TNN 27 November 2009, 01:26am IST

NEW DELHI: It's a plot that could be straight out of the bluff-and-double-bluff worlds created by John le Carre and Frederick Forsyth. Only, it
seems to have played out in real life, to the tragic misfortune of hundreds of innocent people. The tantalising possibility that David Coleman Headley may have been a US undercover agent who turned rogue is vexing many here as American authorities keep the US-based Lashkar jihadi out of the reach of Indian investigators.

To make the tale even more dramatic, Headley may just have provided American intelligence agencies information that prevented a Lashkar attack on Mumbai in September. The theory -- and it's still a theory -- is that Headley was used to infiltrate the Lashkar, but gradually went astray under the influence of the very terrorists he was supposed to be spying upon.